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After leading guided minibus and electric bike tours in San Francisco for over a decade, we are proud to say we’ve been holding the spot for TripAdvisor’s #1 Outdoor Activity in San Francisco for the past few years! And to be honest, we take it pretty seriously. In our quest to inspire wanderlust we’ve set off to find the best bike tours around the globe!

Today we’re heading to our Canadian neighbors to the north to explore one of the most bike friendly cities in North America, Vancouver! For the best behind-the-scenes experience of Vancouver you’ll want to say hi to our friends at Cycle City Tours — TripAdvisor’s #2 Outdoor Activity in Vancouver (the Vancouver Seawall is pretty tough competition).

Cycle City Tours small groups are led by passionate Vancouver locals with a love for discovering hidden gems. Vancouver is one of the only cities around where you can easily bike from rain forest to waterfront. And how better to explore Vancouver than with locals, to get that vising-an-old-friend-experience while learning all about the cities history, ecology, culture and environment?

If it’s your first time in Vancouver and you want to see the most in one day, you’ll want to reserve a bike on the Grand Tour. Similar to our Bike the Bridge & Shuttle to Muir Woods here at Dylan’s Tours, you’ll be able to explore towering redwoods and enjoy lunch on the waterfront. This is the essential ‘first day in Vancouver’ activity since you’ll cover so much ground, you’ll know exactly where to revisit with the rest of our holiday in Vancouver!

Personally, we love going off the beaten path — especially if it leads to a brewery! Vancouver, just like San Francisco, has a thriving craft beer scene. If you like to explore with your stomach, than you’ll want to join Cycle City Tours for a behind-the-brew look at three breweries. On their Craft Beer Tour, you’ll sample nine beers across three different breweries. Of course you’ll be pairing plenty of good eats at Belgard Kitchen  along the way!

If you’re the kind that prefers the choose-your-own-adventure approach to exploring a new city, then you’ll love their selection of rental bikes. Beginning next season Cycle City Tours will begin offering electric bike rentals — so you just might be able to get break in their brand new e-bikes!