How to Take the Muir Woods Shuttle

Posted on February 12, 2018 |

There’s plenty of ways to get to Muir Woods. We always suggest hopping on San Francisco tours that stop at Muir Woods — like our San Francisco Muir Woods Tour and our Alcatraz Muir Woods Tour. You can check out the complete list of ways on getting to Muir Woods here. But, getting to Muir Woods in 2018 is more different than ever before. Most notably the new required reservation system for the limited parking available. And to lesser fanfare, the new required reservations for the Muir Woods Shuttle.

So, how do you buy tickets for the Muir Woods Shuttle? Where do you meet the Muir Woods Shuttle? If you’ve decided to take a shuttle to Muir Woods, here’s what you need to know.


You’ll be able to make Muir Woods Shuttle reservations on all weekends and holidays. Muir Woods Shuttle tickets are only available on weekdays during the busiest time of year, June 18th through August 10th.



Tickets for the Muir Woods Shuttle need to be purchased directly through A round trip shuttle to Muir Woods will be $3 for anyone 16 and older. Younger than that is free — but still require a reservation for seating. Tickets for the Muir Woods Shuttle are reserved for one of three pick-up locations. Depending on the pick-up location, reservations are either made for an exact departure time or thirty minute intervals.



There are three pick-up locations in Marin County for the Muir Woods Shuttle. Each stop for the Muir Woods Shuttle has varying levels of parking available and different departure schedules. Remember to hold on to your tickets after boarding, because you will need to show your Muir Woods Shuttle tickets again when you are leaving the forest.


Sausalito Ferry Terminal

The most popular, and most crowded, pick-up location is in Sausalito near the ferry pier. There is some paid parking, but keep in mind parking in downtown Sausalito maxes out at two-three hours. Muir Woods Shuttle reservations for this stop are made for an exact departure time — so be sure to get there at least 15 minutes early!

Pohono Park & Ride

The most underrated Muir Woods Shuttle pick-up location! There is free parking available at this Muir Woods Shuttle pick-up spot. Muir Woods Shuttle reservations are made for a 30 minute departure window for the Pohono Park & Ride stop.

Marin City Hub

This stop for the Muir Woods Shuttle is good for anyone already planning on catching a ride share to the pick-up location since no parking available. Reservations are made for an exact departure time — be sure sure to get there at least 15 minutes before your scheduled ride for the Muir Woods Shuttle.



Your tickets for the Muir Woods Shuttle include round trip transportation, back to one of the three different shuttle stops. Even though your ride into the forest is reserved for a specific departure time, your ride out of the forest is not.This allows you to hike the redwoods of Muir Woods at your own pace.

Leaving the forest on the Muir Woods Shuttle is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Keep in mind that during peak hours, beginning around noon, that long lines form for the Muir Woods Shuttle. Once the shuttle reaches capacity, the rest of the line will have to wait for the next Muir Woods Shuttle back into Sausalito or Marin City.

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