How to Get to Muir Woods Without a Car

Wondering how to get to Muir Woods without a car? Keep reading to discover our favorite way to get to the redwoods from San Francisco!

Muir Woods National Monument covers a vast amount of land. However, because of the steep winding roads and poor cell reception, getting to the park from San Francisco can be tricky. And now that advanced Muir Woods parking reservations are required, getting to Muir Woods is trickier than ever before. But don’t let these complications deter you from visiting the redwood grove! You can easily get to Muir Woods without a car.

The distance from San Francisco to Muir Woods is 16.4 miles, so it can take a while to get there if you don’t know what the most efficient transport options are. Let’s take a look!

First, we’ll look at some routes that we suggest you avoid. These are cycling, ridesharing, and taxis. Even though these may seem like obvious choices, there are some serious downfalls to each! Then we’ll recommend our favorite option for easily getting to Muir Woods.

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If you’re an active cyclist you might just be tempted to ride the entire distance to Muir Woods from San Francisco yourself.

This can be a good option, but be prepared for a strenuous ride. The roads between the city and the park are steep and winding. In fact, you’ll have to get up a 2,500ft tall mountain before you can get to Muir Woods.

The winding road up the mountain is filled with hairpin turns. And that road is shared between big tour buses shuttling people to the redwood forest and Uber drivers who have lost their GPS signal and don’t know the way to Muir Woods.

What we’re trying to say is:

Bike the Golden Gate Bridge and Muir Woods Shuttle

Ride Sharing

If cycling to Muir Woods is a bad idea, taking a Lyft or Uber driver might be even worse.

Why? First off, GPS signals don’t really work in the dense forests around the park. So, your driver may not even be able to navigate to the entrance. Secondly, there is no cell phone reception at Muir Woods. This means that you won’t be able to request a ride out of the redwood forest when you’re done hiking!


Yellow Taxi

Most cabby services will go to and from the park. However, they’ll generally charge a minimum of $75 each way. While you’ll get to the park and back, your wallet won’t thank you!

Unfortunately, there aren’t many reliable options for public Muir Woods transportation from the city. You can take the bus from San Francisco to Sausalito, and the Muir Woods shuttle from Sausalito to the park. But keep in mind that it takes at least an hour on public transit to get between the park and the city!


So, you can’t bike to Muir Woods. And you can’t Uber to Muir Woods. Then what’s the best way to get to Muir Woods without driving?

We love Muir Woods National Monument. It’s one of our favorite places in the Bay Area! So we wanted to make it easy for visitors to the city to see this incredible park. That’s why we include the monument in several of our tours.

So if you’re looking for a fun and active way to get to Muir Woods without a car, we’ve got you covered. You can easily combine the best of both worlds! Start with our San Francisco bike rental to get across the Golden Gate Bridge. Then touch down in Sausalito for a quick lunch and catch the Muir Woods shuttle over to the park! 

Does this option sound fun to you? Then just be careful not to do it the HARD WAY.

It's not as easy as you think trying to bike to Muir Woods

The Hard Way to get to Muir Woods from San Francisco Without a Car

Bike rentals in San Francisco range from $35-$80 for the day. Generally, you’ll pay higher prices for an electric bike than for a 7 speed bike.

Rented bikes almost always need to be returned to the original pick up location. This means you’ll need to lock up your bike in Sausalito before catching the $3 public shuttle to Muir Woods.

After hiking in Muir Woods, you’ll still need to get that bike rental back to San Francisco.

You’ll have a few options. You can bike back up the hill to the Golden Gate Bridge. Or, you can wait on a first-come, first serve basis for the ferry back to San Francisco. Then you’ll have to get your bike back to the rental location to drop it back off.

After all those Muir Woods hikes you’ve tackled, that just sounds exhausting. 

Luckily for travelers hoping to get from San Francisco to Muir Woods, Dylan’s Tours has an EASY WAY of getting to Muir Woods without a car for your perfect Muir Woods day trip!

San Francisco bike rental and Muir Woods tour


The Easy Way to get to Muir Woods from San Francisco Without a Car

Here at Dylan’s Tours we have created the perfect combo tour for anyone trying to get to Muir Woods without a car.

Dylan’s Tours is the only company in the Bay Area offering a bike rental with a private shuttle to Muir Woods! Our Bike the Bridge and Shuttle to Muir Woods Tour is really one of the most unique Muir Woods tours in San Francisco. 

First, you’ll pick up regular or electric bikes from our convenient North Beach bike shop. Then take a ride across the Golden Gate Bridge and drop off your bike with our partner in Sausalito

From there, you can enjoy a leisurely lunch before catching our private Muir Woods bus for a ride up the mountain. Our Muir Woods Shuttle schedule is timed perfectly to allow you a decent amount of time in this beautiful seaside city!

Once you make it from Sausalito to Muir Woods, our shuttle will drop you off, so you don’t need to worry about Muir Woods Parking. Then you’ll have over an hour to explore the 2,000-year-old redwood trees of Muir Woods.

An hour is a good amount of time to tackle a couple of the popular Muir Woods hiking trails and get a good overview of the park.

We know you’ll be pretty tired after this, so our private Muir Woods shuttle will bring you back down the mountain and across the Golden Gate Bridge.

You’ll be dropped off near Fisherman’s Wharf and the North Beach area to finish off your San Francisco Muir Woods tour. 

Costs of the Bike the Bridge and Shuttle to Muir Woods Tour

This tour is budget friendly too! It ranges from $85-$105 per person, depending on whether you choose a standard or electric bike. The price of your ticket on the Muir Woods shuttle is included in the tour cost. Just make sure to bring $15 per person for the Muir Woods tickets at the entrance. 

The best part? You can save 10% off your San Francisco bike rental and Muir Woods shuttle tour with promo code “THEEASYWAY”!

Sounds pretty great for a San Francisco redwoods tour that saves you a whole lot of time, right?

After decades in the San Francisco tourism industry, we can confidently say that this is the best way to get to Muir Woods without a car. It’s a good option for how to see the Golden Gate Bridge and Sausalito without a car as well!

Reserve your spot on our Bike the Bridge and Shuttle To Muir Woods Tour today!

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Just looking for transport up to Muir Woods from San Francisco? Our direct shuttle from San Francisco is also a great option!

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