Muir Woods Parking

Learn how the new Muir Woods cost is changing the way the tourism industry runs, and how it will impact the way tourists see Muir Woods!

In early 2018, Muir Woods made changes to the price of the Muir Woods fee, Muir Woods parking permit, commercial parking, and more. The park also introduced its new Muir Woods parking reservation system and increased the number of days the Muir Woods shuttle runs throughout the year. 

Along with the changes in the Muir Woods cost, a daily Muir Woods permit system has replaced the Muir Woods annual parking permit for commercial tour vehicles.
The changes made to the way commercial vehicles obtain their Muir Woods parking pass might seem small, but it will have significant impacts on the way tour companies run their Muir Woods tours.
Before you start to worry about the new changes and wonder what the changes mean for your next trip to the Bay Area, know that regardless of the increase in the Muir Woods cost, Dylan’s will always help you explore Muir Woods National Monument!
We are firm believers that Muir Woods is an essential part of the San Francisco experience, and we will continue to help our travelers experience this redwood forest through our  Dylan’s Famous San Francisco Tour with Muir Woods and our Bike the Bridge and Shuttle to Muir Woods Tour.

New Rules For Commercial Muir Woods Parking Pass

As we mentioned above, Muir Woods ushered in a new system for commercial vehicles to gain a pass to park in the Muir Woods parking lot. This new system now makes tour companies purchase a Muir Woods parking pass for a specific day and time. Also, there are now a limited amount of passes available for tour companies per day.

If a Muir Woods tour bus doesn’t have a commercial parking permit for the day and time of their tour, they won’t be able to drop off their guests. Tour companies now must make sure they have a parking permit for each day their Muir Woods Tours run, and they need to purchase them before they sell out.

This new Muir Woods system only allows commercial vehicles to park for an hour and forty-five minutes. Most Muir Woods tours offer their guests anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to explore the redwoods of Muir Woods. With this time restriction, if a tour bus were to be delayed by traffic, it could result in less time for tourists to explore the park.

We here at Dylan’s have made sure to always have our permits ready to drop off our guests. Since we have flexibility in the timing of our tours, we have been able to secure parking permits throughout the summer.

How does this affect tourists?

These changes will not affect tourists in significant ways, but it will lower the amount of Muir Wood tours that tourists will have to choose from. Considering how quickly we’ve seen daily parking permits sell out, we’re anticipating some San Francisco tour companies to stop visiting Muir Woods altogether.

Travelers trying to explore the redwoods of Muir Woods will benefit from being flexible and being time sensitive.

New Limits To How Many Vehicles Can Visit Muir Woods Per Day

Each tour company is limited with how many vehicles can visit Muir Woods on any given day. By limiting the number of tour buses that can visit the park, it also limits the number of travelers who can get to Muir Woods via tour bus.

How does this affect tourists?

This will affect the way tourists travel to Muir Woods. If there aren’t Muir Woods tours heading up to the forest on your desired date, you are going to need to find different Muir Woods transportation.

You can drive to Muir Woods on your own, just be sure to book a public parking reservation in advance. You will also have the option to take the Muir Woods Shuttle. Please remember to book your Muir Woods Shuttle ticket in advance as well. Expect to see longer lines for the shuttle and possible delays trying to catch a Muir Woods Shuttle back to Sausalito.

Even with all the changes, taking a tour to Muir Woods is still the most convenient way for tourists to see the forest. To secure a place on a tour, we recommend that you book in advance.

5,683% Increase In Commercial Parking Costs

Along with the system changes, there have been increases in the price of commercial parking. Muir Woods annual commercial parking costs per vehicle went up about 5,683%.

How does this affect tourists?

This vast increase to the Muir Woods price can lead to more expensive Muir Woods tours.

With increased demand and a shortage of commercial parking, we are expecting to see prices for Muir Woods tours spike all across San Francisco.

Paying more for a tour might sound like a bad thing, but it could lead to more comprehensive tours that will give tourists a better experience of Muir Woods.

Price Increase For Public Parking

Another new Muir Woods cost is for public parking. Parking at Muir Woods went from being free to $8 for regular vehicles and $11 for electric vehicles.

In addition to the price increase, tourists will need to make online parking reservations before showing up to the parking lot. There is no Wi-Fi or cell reception at Muir Woods, so it is essential to make the reservation before arriving.

How does this affect tourists?

In addition to paying for Muir Woods admission, any tourist who drives to Muir Woods will need to pay $8 or $11 per vehicle and need to make their parking reservation in advance.

New Shuttle Days

Muir Woods increased the number of days that the Muir Woods Shuttle runs per year. This is undoubtedly one of the more positive changes to have happened at Muir Woods. The Shuttle now runs every weekend of the year, instead of only running during the summer.

During the summer months the Muir Woods Shuttle will be available seven days a week, and in the slower seasons, the Muir Woods Shuttle will only run on the weekends.

How does this affect tourists?

Just like Muir Woods parking, the Muir Woods Shuttle is now operating on a reservation only basis. If you want to take the shuttle to Muir Woods, you need to make an online reservation in advance.

From intrepid travelers to established tour companies, these Muir Woods changes are going to impact everyone hoping to visit Muir Woods.

However, there is no need to stress. Even with the new Muir Woods cost, Dylan’s is ready to help you explore the beauty of Muir Woods any time of the year with our new direct Muir Woods Shuttle from San Francisco.

Don’t Worry About Parking Costs & Reservations when you Book a Tour to Muir Woods with Dylan’s

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