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Best spots for a quick lunch in Sausalito. Enjoy a meal at any of these delicious restaurants as you take a break from exploring the Bay Area.

Located just a mile downhill from the Golden Gate Bridge is the quiet, charming town of Sausalito. This seaside town has unbeatable views of Alcatraz, the bay, and the San Francisco skyline. Spending an afternoon in Sausalito has become a quintessential part of the San Francisco experience which is why most of our Muir Woods tours have evolved into Muir Woods and Sausalito tours. 

Now all of our tours that head to Muir Woods from San Francisco enjoying a scenic break for lunch in Sausalito. Sausalito is a pretty popular spot for San Francisco tours. Which means one thing during lunch, long lines at sit-down restaurants. Luckily, as locals, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve for avoiding lines and maximizing your lunch stop. 

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If you’re visiting Sausalito on one of the many Muir Woods tours, Sausalito tours, or if you’re biking/ferrying/Ubering on your own, you’ll want to check out this Sausalito guide to enjoying a quick lunch in Sausalito.

Gus’s Market SF

Our first suggestion for anyone who is looking for the perfect way to enjoy a quick Sausalito lunch is to pick up lunch before you leave San Francisco at Gus’s Market SF. Anyone who took our Famous Tour before 2016 will remember that we used to stop here. 

The market itself has been around since the 80s and always has plenty of fresh, seasonal and affordable fruits and veggies that are perfect for putting together a picnic to unpack in Sausalito.

Gus’s has phenomenal pre-made sandwiches, salads, deli sides, and even fresh sushi. Normally grocery store sushi is something you try to avoid, but Gus’s actually has a dedicated sushi chef turning out super fresh rolls all day long.

Gus’s Market aka Haight Street Market is a great place to pick up lunch that can be enjoyed as you admire the stunning Sausalito waterfront or any of the San Francisco picnic spots. 

Venice Gourmet Deli or Venice Pizzeria

Finding a quick and delicious lunch in Sausalito isn’t a problem at all if you head straight to Venice Gourmet Deli and Venice Pizzeria. We’re not quite sure how, but there’s rarely a line for this fantastic Sausalito deli. Their pizzeria next door serves up both pizza slices and whole pies making it one of the best restaurants in Sausalito that is great for anyone traveling solo or in a bigger group.

This Sausalito deli has been a Sausalito favorite since 1969. You can even taste a little San Francisco flavor with their Italian House Special. This classic Italian sub features dry salami from Molinari’s – San Francisco’s oldest Italian deli. 

One of the best parts about Venice Gourmet Deli and Venice Pizzeria? They have outdoor sitting, overlooking incredible views of the San Francisco Bay. If you can’t snag any sidewalk seating, we suggest you order your food to go and enjoy a picnic.  

Golden Gate Market Sausalito 

The Golden Gate Market in Sausalito serves some of the best lunch in Sausalito. This Sausalito deli creates delicious dishes that are made with the best quality ingredients. All of their food is ethnically and ecologically sourced from local vendors. If you are wanting to spend your time enjoying the Sausalito things to do, grab one of their sandwiches and explore the seaside town.

Scoma’s Sausalito

Scoma’s in Sausalito is one of the best Italian restaurants in Sausalito. If you are a food lover who is looking to dine at one of the Sausalito restaurants with a view, then you must have lunch at Scoma’s.

It is one of the top Sausalito seafood restaurants and one of the most stunning Sausalito restaurants on the water. If you want to enjoy a sit-down restaurant head to Scoma’s and enjoy the best lunch in Sausalito.

Where to Picnic in Sausalito

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The best picnic spot in Sausalito is around the corner from where our Muir Woods tours from San Francisco meet and the only public restrooms in Sausalito. Gabrielson Park sits along the waterfront, looking out onto Angel Island, Alcatraz Island, the Bay Bridge and the San Francisco skyline.

There are about 5 picnic tables nestled under some trees and benches are dotted along the walking trail. Where ever you got lunch from, find a perfect spot here to unwind before your tour continues. 

Sausalito Desserts

Caffe Tutti 

To taste some true San Franciscan ice cream you’ll need to visit the Sausalito cafe, Cafe Tutti. This little Sausalito cafe is by the landing dock for the ferry and is tucked away off the main road. Cafe Tutti is only a two-minute walk from where our minibus meets for the Muir Woods tours. Making this the perfect stop right before heading back onto the bus!

Pick Me Up Chocolate

Don’t forget to grab some edible souvenirs over at Pick Me Up Chocolate. Artisanal truffles are made on site by these Sausalito chocolatiers. These all make for great souvenirs to bring back home, if you don’t eat them all by the time you make it back to your hotel. 

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