11 Best Company Team-Building Activities in San Francisco

Planning a corporate team-building activity in SF? Skip the lackluster cupcakes-and-ice-breakers-in-the-office event. Instead, give your team a San Francisco company-bonding activity that shows you appreciate their hard work and dedication.

Whether your goal is to improve morale, help your team recharge, celebrate a win, or get all of your remote employees together in one place for some fun, we can help you find the perfect off-site company event that your team will love.

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Top Team-Building Activities in San Francisco

1. Visit Muir Woods and Have a Drink at Pelican Inn

With towering Redwoods and amazing coastal and forest views, a Muir Woods outing is one of the most popular day trips from San Francisco. This is an experience that is magical for first-time visitors and local regulars alike! 

Our private minibuses can shuttle your team to the Muir Woods entrance, so you don’t have to plan any complex transportation logistics. Once there, you can stay for as long as your group wants, exploring the main pathway or heading on one of the several breath-taking hikes you can find.

A trip to Muir Woods is perfectly concluded with a celebratory drink or meal at the Pelican Inn. This European-style, white-washed haven is covered in history and makes for a unique and casual drink spot ideally situated between Muir Woods and the city.

Muir Woods Shuttle Transportation

2. Hop on a Brew Boat

There is nothing better than being on the water with a cold drink in hand when the San Francisco sun is out. Have a company surf-and-turf experience by splitting your time between a city bus tour and a brew boat party!

Start your excursion by exploring some of the best neighborhoods in San Francisco. Once you have your fill of the city, pedal and sip on a brew boat with city skyline views and great classic jams to which you can sing along. Then we can drop you off at any restaurant of your choice for an excellent post-pedal lunch or dinner! 

Pick-up and drop-off locations are completely customizable to make your experience as simple and streamlined as possible. 

3. Trip Down to Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay has towering cliffs, expansive views, and winding coastal roads that never get old. Want to enjoy some of it by bike? Your team can have the best of both worlds by enjoying the most beautiful parts of the road on an e-bike and the rest in a cozy private bus. 

For the first half of the event, head across town on an e-bike, witnessing picturesque cliffs on one side and the coast on the other. Or, you can stop for a walk along the coast to Devil’s Slide Trail to see bizarre natural rock formations and the Hanging Bunker. After your outside excursion, you can enjoy a post-hike or bike meal and drink at Jetty Wave Distillery or Half Moon Bay Brewing Co. Your team could even head to the Ritz Carlton for an overnight trip or fancier fare.

Small Group Tour of San Francisco on Bikes

4. Oyster Shucking at Tomales Bay and a Kayaking Trip

There’s a good chance that most people on your team have never tried shucking oysters—so here’s something new everyone can try together! And Tomales Bay is the perfect location for your team to try this new skill.

Hog Island Oyster in Tomales Bay is the best place to learn the history, preparation, shucking techniques, and identification of the area’s best oysters. The Hog Island Oysters Farm Tour gives you an inside look at the entire farm and a tasting of a variety of prepared oysters. 

After the tour, you are in the perfect spot to hop on a kayak trip with Tomales Bay Expeditions and peer into crystal-clear water and paddle past tree-lined shores. Fog or shine, this activity comes with beautiful scenery and a fun adventure!

5. Visit Francis Ford Coppola Winery

On sunny and warm days, the Francis Ford Coppola Winery has everything you could possibly need to have a relaxing and luxurious day away from the office with your company. 

This company outing is full of tasteful decor, interesting history, luxurious pools, and, of course, many bottles of wine to taste and enjoy. You and your team can enjoy private minibus transportation into the beautiful wine country of Geyserville. Spend the day lounging by the pool, enjoying a wine tasting, eating delicious meals from the pool cafe or Rustic Restaurant, and enjoying time with your team. 

Don’t forget to bring bathing suits and sunscreen, as the pools at this winery look so fresh and beautiful that your team won’t be able to resist a dip.

6. Explore Sausalito

A Sausalito exploration and picnic is a classic off-site activity for San Francisco companies. And with the sunny, charming, artsy experience it provides, it is a sure-fire win!

You and your team can kick it up a level by including a chance to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge on top-tier e-bikes. This iconic activity is a must-do for visitors and locals alike. Those who don’t want to bike can opt for private bus transportation instead. 

Once you make it to the charming waterfront town of Sausalito, you have tons of options at your fingertips. Head for a brick-oven pizza lunch and games at Bar Bocce or find a happy hour at one of the many fantastic food and drink establishments. Or, you can plan and host a company picnic with an ocean view. 

green grass on the sausalito waterfront

7. Happy Hour and a City Tour

If your company is looking for less of a time commitment still packed with fun, you can plan for a happy hour and city tour. 

Our private luxury minibuses can pick your team up from the office (or any agreed-upon location) and take you to some of the best happy hour spots in the city. Enjoy a few hours of visiting our favorite establishments, tour some exciting areas of San Francisco, and enjoy an easy time with coworkers. 

Your group can even get a great Treasure Island photo op, full of awe-inspiring city skyline views or a great viewpoint atop the famous Hawk Hill. 

8. Bike to Tiburon

Have an adventurous team that’s up for a bit of cycling fun? Try hopping on a bike and crossing the Golden Gate Bridge to continue all the way to Tiburon. Just a stone’s throw farther than Sausalito lies this coastal enclave full of beautiful views, winding roads, and tons of options for food and drinks. 

This bike ride is about 10 miles one way, but with our efficient and easy-to-use e-bikes, you won’t even break a sweat on the trip. This ride is easy and stress-free. We can even bring the bikes home when your group finishes, so you have one less detail on your to-do list. 

Once you make it to the grassy shores of Tiburon, enjoy a delicious lunch at the famous Sam’s Anchor Cafe. With tons of outdoor seating overlooking the docks and a fantastic array of fresh seafood to try, the ambiance at Sam’s Cafe is the perfect post-adventure reward. 

9. Enjoy a Tour of San Francisco Nightlife

If you’re looking for an evening of fun, there is no better treat you can give your team than a chance to paint the town red with an evening tour of the best San Francisco nightlife. Explore cocktail bars, breweries, dives… wherever you want to have fun! With a private minibus to take you everywhere you want to go, the night will be seamless. 

If you want to add even more laughs to the evening, you can head on a San Francisco comedy tour and hear some of the funniest local comics in the biz

10. Wine Country Tour, Wine Tasting by Bus or by Bike in Napa or Sonoma

Some of the best wine countries in the world are just a quick drive away. Why not take advantage of those delicious wineries? Our team can transport you to Napa or Sonoma wine country in a comfortable minibus and tailor a wine country experience to your team’s preferences. 

There are so many ways to enjoy Napa or Sonoma wine country. Your team can rent our e-bikes and cycle through the gorgeous Vine Trail bike route before enjoying a glass of something delicious at one of many excellent wineries. 

If you want to see more with your time, you can stay on the bus to tour a few luxury wineries, try some tastings, and take in the winery views.

At the end of your trip, you can have transportation back into the city or be dropped off at one of many boutique accommodations in the area for an overnight stay.

11. Float the Russian River

There is no company team-bonding activity that is more casual and down-to-earth than a river float. With the Russian river an easy and refreshing day trip, it’s a unique opportunity for a company looking for some lazy outdoor fun. And with private transportation and inner tubes included, this day trip couldn’t be easier to execute. 

Floating the Russian river is best paired with floating coolers of drinks, a waterproof speaker, and lots of sunscreen. Your team will have a blast relaxing and soaking up the summer sun while taking in the river views. 

After the float, nothing will taste better than a pint and a burger from Russian River Brewing Co. This expansive spot has tons of indoor and outdoor seating. You can either bask in the sun for longer or find a break from the rays with shade and air conditioning. 

After private transportation back home, your group will feel full of sun, delicious food, and great memories.

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What is a corporate team-building activity?

A company team-bonding activity or off-site event is a chance to step away from stressful work projects. And you get to head somewhere fun with your team. Off-sites give your team room to relax, bond, and recharge. After an incredibly stressful quarter or big company wins, these activities are needed.

Booking a corporate team-building activity with Dylan’s 

We love helping plan corporate events! From hosting local San Francisco companies to welcoming teams visiting our city for a couple of days. We can plan a company team-bonding event that fits your needs!

When you plan a team-bonding activity with Dylan’s, you get:

  • A pick-up and drop-off service from anywhere in the city for easy transportation logistics
  • An option of using a luxury bus, exciting e-bikes, or a combination of both
  • A completely customizable, “off-menu” San Francisco experience 
  • The chance to plan a tour that fits the needs of both locals and visitors, so everyone has a great time

Our team can help you plan a San Francisco off-site that your company will appreciate. Reach out to our team to chat about all the different company off-sites we can arrange for your team!

group smiling on a bus tour during team building activity

Benefits of a Team-Building Activity

Improves Team Morale

Did you know that regular team-bonding opportunities can improve company morale and make your company more effective in the long-run? 

Improving team morale and company culture has a ripple effect that can benefit your company from slowing down turnover to attracting all-star talent.

Lets Departments Intermingle

One survey by Social Media Today reported that 67% of people say their colleagues are their primary driver for excelling in their job. So, relationship building is an essential aspect of company or office life that is well worth fostering.

It’s not often that employees have long conversations with other team members or departments without feeling like it’s cutting into work time. However, out-of-office activities allow your team to build essential relationships off the clock, so they work better on the clock.

It Offers a Casual Environment to Approach and Socialize With Management

80% of workers feel stressed from ineffective communication. Having comfortable communication, especially between different levels in your company’s hierarchy, can break down that wall of stress. It also allows teams to feel more comfortable approaching coworkers. People from various departments and upper management get to connect.

Connects Remote and In-Office Coworkers

An indefinite hybrid workspace is quickly gaining momentum in companies of all sizes and across industries. With all of the benefits that a hybrid workspace provides, one of the cons is that remote workers can feel left out. 

By planning regular company off-site activities, remote workers can join in the fun. They can meet coworkers in person, and better establish themselves as a part of the team.

Tips for Planning a San Francisco Team-Building Activity

Keep the Weather in Mind

Outdoor San Francisco activities are everywhere, but you can’t ignore that weather can get away at a moment’s notice. So make sure to have a plan in place if it gets too cold, misty, or rainy for a sun soak and picnic. Whether it’s making sure everyone has the right amount of layers or choosing an option for indoor seating, you can ensure there is no canceling the fun.

Make Sure Your Team Knows You Put in the Effort

Don’t skimp on the party-planning details—nobody wants to stay at the office playing outdated icebreakers! And casual drinks are fun, but they’re not very memorable. By choosing something generous and thoughtful, you show your employees that you want to celebrate them. And invest in their experience with your company!

Choose an Engaging Activity

Newer employees can often feel especially nervous about social experiences. Having an activity to focus on makes for easy conversation. It also offers things to do with your hands to keep busy! Whether it’s a physical activity like biking to some of the best San Francisco views or something more mentally stimulating, like trying your hand at pottery, your employees will appreciate chatting over something fun to share.

Plan for During Work Hours

Unless you have an off-the-charts excellent evening idea, your team shouldn’t have to put in more work hours by showing up to an off-site team-building activity during evenings or weekends. Choosing an event during office hours ensures maximum people can show up without cutting into family or personal time. 

Work With Experts in San Francisco Fun

Tackling all the details that make up a great company off-site activity is overwhelming by yourself. You let go of a massive chunk of confusing logistics by working with a team that already knows the ins and outs of planning a great company outing. Dylan’s offers easy booking, customizable experiences, transportation, and a perfectly-executed event your team will enjoy.

Start Planning Your Company Outing Today

Don’t ignore the proof. Happy and appreciated employees mean more productivity, positivity, and success in the workplace. 

These may be our favorite recommendations to suggest to companies, but these ideas only scrape the tip of the iceberg for corporate team-building activities in San Francisco. If you have different preferences, desires, or goals to get from your company outing, reach out to our team! We are happy to tailor our transportation and event planning service to match your vision.

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