Where to Find the Best Sausalito Ice Cream

Enjoy the best Sausalito ice cream. Discover three of the best dessert places in this charming seaside town.

By Leila N’Amara

A mile north of San Francisco and across the Golden Gate Bridge is the beautiful seaside town of Sausalito. Even though Sausalito is outside the city limits of San Francisco, it is a quintessential part of the San Francisco experience.

This charming village has become a favorite lunch spot for many San Francisco tours, including our Dylan’s Famous Tour with Muir Woods and Bike the Bridge & Shuttle to Muir Woods Tour.

There are a few things to do in Sausalito, including walking in and out of cute boutiques, admiring the beauty of the Sausalito waterfront, and indulging at some of the best dessert places in the Bay Area, specifically the ice cream shops. Sausalito ice cream is absolutely delicious.

Whether you’re on a Sausalito day trip or just stopping for lunch on one of our tours, here is where you will find the best ice cream in Sausalito.

Lappert’s Ice Cream

Lappert’s Ice Cream has some of the best ice cream in the Bay Area. They offer unique flavors from around the world, like Nuku Hiva, a blend of coconut pineapple ice cream, brownie pieces, and raspberry sorbet.

Lappert’s ice cream is the smoothest, richest tasting ice cream money can buy. Be sure to stop by their shop and indulge in this fantastic Sausalito ice cream.

Cafe Tutti

This Sausalito cafe is home to San Francisco’s official ice cream flavor, double rainbow. Cafe Tutti is located right next to the Sausalito ferry, making it the perfect last stop before taking the ferry back to the city.

Sausalito Bakery and Cafe

Another great spot to enjoy a scoop of Sausalito ice cream is the Sausalito Bakery and Cafe. This charming cafe is in the heart of downtown and has a perfect waterfront view allowing its guest to see the bay.

Be sure to stop into the Sausalito Barkey and Cafe on your next visit to the seaside town.

Things to do in Sausalito

The next time you are exploring the Bay Area, make time to see Sausalito. Tasting Sausalito ice cream is worth the day trip to the village. Enjoy your time in the area with these other activities.

Explore The Food Scene

Over the years, both Sausalito food and Sausalito desserts have built up quite a reputation. We recommend everyone who visits the Bay Area explore the food scene in Sausalito.

Take the Ferry

When tourists ask us what to do in Sausalito, one of our favorite things to recommend is taking a ferry from Sausalito to SF or vice-versa. This peaceful ride will allow you to see some of the best views of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and the Bay.

Shop Along the Waterfront

Another activity on our list is shop. Sausalito is very inviting with its warm charm and landscape of picture-perfect, pastel-colored, old Victorian buildings. Stroll up and down the streets popping into some of the trendy boutiques and art galleries.

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