3 Best Places for Dessert in Sausalito

Posted on January 19, 2018 |

By Leila N’Amara

North of San Francisco, just a mile down hill from the Golden Gate Bridge, is the once quiet fishing town of Sausalito. Even though Sausalito is outside the city limits of San Francisco, it is a quintessential part of the San Francisco experience.

Most San Francisco tours and Muir Woods tours stop in Sausalito. You’ll even find a lot of San Francisco bike tours that ride across the Golden Gate Bridge and into Sausalito (our combination San Francisco bike tour and Muir Woods tour allows you to drop off your bike in Sausalito before catching our private Muir Woods Shuttle). The very best Bay Area tours stop in Sausalito for a lunch break, a bathroom break or as a transfer point to take the Sausalito ferry to San Francisco.

Over the years Sausalito has become a wildly popular lunch spot. But there’s just as much reason to rave about grabbing dessert in Sausalito. For a little inspiration, here are three of our of favorite places to satisfy a sweet tooth.


What to taste: House made truffles or hot chocolate

Chocolate lovers beware! Artisanal chocolate truffles are made on site, hot chocolate is prepared with real chocolate and there are gelato pops from San Francisco’s very own Naia (San Francisco’s only made-from-scratch gelato makers)! The shop itself is filled with chocolate treats from chocolatiers from all the Bay Area. Spoiler alert: that doesn’t mean Ghirardelli Chocolate — Hershey’s owns the iconic San Francisco chocolate makers now! The hot chocolates are perfect for sipping while the minibus heads up Mt. Tamalpais for the Muir Woods tour part of the day.


What to taste: Double Rainbow Ice Cream

There’s another ice shop in Sausalito. Actually there are two other ice cream shops in Sausalito. But those other ice cream spots usually come with a complimentary line out the door. Lines are the last the thing we want you to experience while on our San Francisco tours! Even though Cafe Tutti is right next to the Sausalito ferry, there usually isn’t a line for scoops of San Francisco’s Official Ice Cream — Double Rainbow Ice Cream!


What to taste: Salt Water Taffy from Utah’s Taffy Town

Munchie’s is right next to our very favorite spot for lunch in Sausalito, Venice Gourmet Deli & Pizzeria. After grabbing a sandwich or a slice from Venice, head next door to try salt water taffy all the way from Utah. If you’re short on time, but still need something sweet before you head back on to your San Francisco tour, this spot is quick to run through!

Did you know that ooey-gooey salt water taffy is made with no peanuts or tree nuts, is gluten free and has kosher dairy? Which makes this a perfect dessert for a lot of different dietary restrictions.

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