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Bike tours in San Francisco put a new twist on the way you bike the Golden Gate Bridge. Discreet electric batteries are the secret to San Francisco bike tours!

Updated Late 2019

San Francisco is one of the most exciting places in the world to do a bike tour! But what bike tour is best? In this article, we review the biggest and best San Francisco bike tour companies.

How to Get to Muir Woods without a Car | Dylan's Tours

What type of bike tour in San Francisco is right for you?

There are generally two types of bike tours in San Francisco, city tours and bike the Golden Gate Bridge tours.

First, you have your full-length San Francisco City bike tour. This tour will allow you to discover the city’s unique neighborhoods, sights, and sounds!

Your second option is a more straightforward Golden Gate Bridge Tour. These are generally shorter bike tours in San Francisco for biking the Golden Gate Bridge and into Sausalito for lunch.


Standard Bike vs. Electric Bike Tours In San Francisco

As we take a closer look at the best bike tours in San Francisco, you’ll notice a lot of these have in common. Electric bikes.

While some bike tour companies offer a standard bike for a lower cost, we do not recommend this. In case you are not aware, San Francisco is full of steep hills! 

While Lance Armstrong, might enjoy the ride, an average rider will not have a fun time!

This is why we only recommend an electric bike tour of San Francisco

We think it is the best way of exploring the city because these discreet electric motors help tackle the notoriously steep hills of San Francisco.

We will be featuring a lot of bicycle tours of San Francisco that use e-bikes because we are firm believers that pedaling — should be optional. 

Keep reading to discover the best San Francisco electric bike tours!

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Best San Francisco Bike Tours

#1 Bike The Bridge from Dylan’s Tours

  • Cost for this San Francisco Bike Tour: 18 and older is $105
  • Trip Advisor Reviews: 5 Stars

*Warning we might be a bit biased on this tour – as it is our own – but we genuinely believe in the quality of our products*

Most San Francisco tours either feature a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge or a bus tour to Muir Woods.

However, we here at Dylan’s Tours flip that around. Our newest bike tour allows you to take a bike tour around town, then across the Golden Gate Bridge and then we bike you and your bike up and head to Muir Woods!

This unique combo tour from Dylan’s Tours is part self-guided bike tour and part Muir Woods shuttle. This has been one of our most popular tours because getting to Muir Woods on your own can be a pain. The public Muir Woods shuttle can be a pain to coordinate – we talk about why here.

How it works: 

Pick up your electric bikes in San Francisco’s Little Italy and our 100% local staff will help you learn how to use our Pedego e-bikes

We work closely with California-based Pedego Electric Bikes because we know they can handle the massive San Francisco hills!

We will also give you a pre-defined route and map to help you see the best parts of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.

In terms of difficulty, our trail along the waterfront is mostly flat, which means you’ll have a blast hitting the throttle. You’ll be cruising past everyone walking their bikes up the hills!

The last hill is right before you bike the bridge in San Francisco. That means once you’ve biked the Golden Gate Bridge, you’ll enjoy a downhill bike ride to Sausalito.

And then get 10% off most of our Muir Woods National Monument tours with promo code CLIMBTHEMOUNTAINS

Posted by Dylan's Tours on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Once you arrive in Sausalito, you will return your bike to our pickup location and enjoy lunch in one of the waterfront restaurants.

Enjoy a leisurely lunch in the waterfront town of Sausalito

After lunch, you’ll meet a 100% local tour guide for a Muir Woods shuttle in a comfortable private minibus for your San Francisco bus tour.

You’ll have over an hour to explore the 2,000-year-old redwood trees at Muir Woods. Which is the perfect amount of time to hit the most popular Muir Woods hikes!

We might be biased, but we think this is the best way of biking to Sausalito from San Francisco!

Best Bike Tours in San Francisco | Dylan's Tours


#2 The Majestic Electric Bike Tour from Streets of San Francisco Bike Tours

  • Cost for this San Francisco Bike Tour: $99 per person
  • Trip Advisor Reviews: 5 Stars

Streets of San Francisco Bike Tours (not the show, sorry), is located in an old shipping container.

You read that right. Their shop is a big metal shipping container that has been up-cycled from a cargo ship.

In fact, most of the business in Hayes Valley experimental location, ProxySF, are housed in converted shipping containers!

Our new space. w/ modern amenities like electricity! made of 3 shipping containers. Come by and say hi! #sf #sanfrancisco #proxysf #architecture #hayesvalley #bike #bicycle

Posted by SoSF Bike Tours on Saturday, February 15, 2014

One of these local businesses is Streets of SF Bike Tours.
This centrally located San Francisco bike tour company kicks off their all-day Majestic Electric Bike Tours from the heart of Hayes Valley.
In a shipping container. #onlyinsf

Posted by SoSF Bike Tours on Monday, May 21, 2012

From there, you’ll discover neighborhoods that best showcase the local flavor. The infamous rainbow community of the Castro District, magnificent murals of the Mission District and all the sites along the way to the Golden Gate Bridge!

#3 Beers & Bikes Tour by Gears and Grapes

Best Bike Tours in San Francisco | Dylan's Tours

San Francisco bike tours with beers at Gears & Grapes!

  • Cost for this San Francisco Bike Tour: $75 per person
  • Trip Advisor Reviews: 4.5 Stars

If there are any two things that most San Franciscans (and travelers) seem to love: it’s beers and bikes.

So why not combine the two?

That’s what Gears and Grapes have done!

Best Bike Tours in San Francisco | Dylan's ToursDiscover three of San Francisco’s best breweries and beer halls on this 3.5-hour historical beer tour.

This San Francisco City Beer Tour begins and ends in the South of Market Area. This area is more commonly known to locals as SOMA. 

A local beer-loving guide will lead you through a San Francisco beer tasting that departs daily at 2 pm for the best San Francisco breweries.

Truly crushing over this crew @localbrewingco !! And what a way to celebrate @sfbeerweek than a stop off to have our friends sign some shirts! @led216 scored big with the last #GALACTICSTRATA !!

Posted by Beers & Bikes on Monday, February 19, 2018

In the meantime, take a peek at some of the most recognizable San Francisco breweries. You’ll notice a lot of the best San Francisco breweries are in SOMA and Mission District while on the San Francisco City Beer Tour.

The best part? They include the first pint in your ticket price!

SAN FRANCISCO TRAVEL TIP: If you’re wondering where to find sold out tickets to Alcatraz, Gears and Grapes offers some of the best Alcatraz tours during the busy summer months. Choose between a San Francisco Wine Tour & Alcatraz Tour or a San Francisco Beer Tour & Alcatraz Tour.

#4 Essential SF Bike Tour by Dandyhorse San Francisco Bike Tours

Pedal Inn — San Francisco Bike Tours (for the Naturally Advent…

A look inside the Pedal Inn bike adventure, where you explore the most unexpected and captivating destinations within and around San Francisco with expert guides who lead you into the rich nature, history, food, and culture found only within pedaling distance of the city. Big thanks to our friend Jillian Tsai for creating this awesome video and to musicians Chris and Thomas for permission to use their song, "I Know a Way to Get Myself Free."

Posted by Dandyhorse San Francisco Bike Tours on Monday, August 31, 2015

  • Cost for this San Francisco Bike Tour: 18 and older is $74, Students with IDs and Kids 13-17 are $69
  • Trip Advisor Reviews: 5 Stars

Dandyhorse (formerly Pedal Inn) originally started off as an overnight bike camping tour company.

This San Francisco bike tour company has come a long way since then and now offers a whole host of fun tours by bike.

We are big fans of their Essential SF Bike Tour — led by company founder, Nick.

This beauty from 1937, the most photographed thing on earth (your baby excepted), never gets old | Custom Bike Tour

Posted by Dandyhorse San Francisco Bike Tours on Monday, May 15, 2017

You’ll meet Nick in SOMA and ride through one of San Francisco’s most bike-friendly neighborhoods — the Mission District.

Known for its vibrant murals and being the center of foodie culture in SF.

Then ride through the historic LGBTQ community in the Castro on your way to see the famous brightly colored Victorian homes better known as The Painted Ladies. Be sure to take your time and explore the urban oasis in Golden Gate Park.

Best Bike Tours in San Francisco | Dylan's Tours

The Essential SF Bike Tour stops for lunch at one of the best bakeries in the city. Making this part San Francisco food tour! (Although they do offer a dedicated San Francisco food tour that is worth checking out).

#5 Golden Gate Bridge Guided Tour from Blazing Saddles San Francisco

See How We Roll

Find out why Blazing Saddles is the perfect choice for your family, group or solo biking adventure! Our customer service and equipment are second to none, and our friendly staff will get you ready to roll on the ride of a lifetime.

Posted by Blazing Saddles Bike Rentals on Thursday, December 8, 2016

  • Cost for this San Francisco bike tour: Adults are $55 per person. Kids at $35
  • Trip Advisor Reviews: 4 Stars

This Golden Gate Bike Tour begins right along San Francisco’s waterfront near Fisherman’s Wharf, and is within walking distance to some of the best hotels in Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco.

Your tour guide will take you along one of the most popular San Francisco bike routes through the Presidio of San Francisco to get to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Best Bike Tours in San FranciscoEnjoy biking across the Golden Gate Bridge and into the small town of Sausalito just north of the bridge.

The tour ends for the most part in Sausalito. You’ll still need to get your bike back to San Francisco, but you can take the scenic ferry from Sausalito to San Francisco for about $11 per person. 

Or the more adventurous can bike uphill back to San Francisco!

#6 Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito Tour  from Bay City Bikes

Best Bike Tours in San Francisco

Blazing Saddles Bike Tours in San Francisco

  • Cost for this San Francisco bike tour: City Bikes are $55, e-Bikes are $85 and Tandem Bikes are $110
  • Trip Advisor Reviews: 4.5 Stars

This bike tour in San Francisco begins in the heart of Fisherman’s Wharf.
This short tour will guide you along San Francisco’s waterfront, past Ghirardelli Square and through the most expensive marina in California on the way to bike the Golden Gate Bridge.
After riding across the Golden Gate enjoy a short downhill bike ride to Sausalito, a scenic waterfront town perfect for lunch. Or even better yet, just desserts in Sausalito.

After lunch, you’ll be hopping on a boat with your bike to return to San Francisco by ferry. While on the ferry, enjoy some of the best views of Alcatraz & the Golden Gate Bridge from the middle of the San Francisco Bay.

#7 Golden Gate Bridge Tour from e-Bike Tours of America

Best Bike Tours in San Francisco | Dylan's Tours

Bike Golden Gate Bridge and end your tour in Sausalito

  • Cost for this San Francisco bike tour: Adults are $79, Teens 14-17 are $69. Seniors are $69.
  • Trip Advisor Reviews: 4.5 Stars

Here’s another company, like Dylan’s Tours, that only uses electric bikes for their San Francisco bike tours!

The San Francisco portion of this Golden Gate Bridge Tour will be spent exploring hidden gems along the waterfront like the majestic Palace of Fine Arts, from the Panama Pacific International Exhibition, and the views from the top of Fort Mason.
Your guide will join you as you bike the Golden Gate Bridge and downhill into Sausalito.
Since your tour ends in Sausalito AND your ferry ticket to San Francisco is included, you have a lot of freedom to explore Sausalito at your own pace.

Bonus #8 – City Loop Tour

  • Cost for this San Francisco Bike Tour: $109 for anyone 16 and older.
  • Trip Advisor Reviews: 5 Stars

Surprisingly, some of the most popular bike tours in San Francisco are on the way if you plan to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. 

No bike tour in San Francisco would be complete without riding through the 200-year-old Army base turned National Park, the Presidio of San Francisco.

100% local guides lead you through this massive National Park on the way over to the Golden Gate Bridge for a long stop for photos.

See the painted ladies on your San Francisco bike tour

After your Golden Gate bike tour stop, you’ll zoom over to the Pacific Ocean and through Golden Gate Park, one of the best parks in San Francisco.

Once you’ve biked all four miles of Golden Gate Park, you’ll be ready for lunch in the Haight Ashbury neighborhood.

Fans of the infamous hippie hangout popularized during the 60s will be happy to know there are still popular Summer of Love locations you can visit today!

Go where tour buses are banned with San Francisco bike tours.

Enjoy one last photo op where most San Francisco tour buses are banned– The Painted Ladies at Alamo Square!

san francisco guide

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