Best BBQ in San Francisco

Best BBQ in San Francisco. Take a break from exploring the Bay Are and enjoy some of the best BBQ restaurants in San Francisco.

By Leila N’Amara

San Francisco has spent the past two decades earning a reputation as a global food destination. You can find just about every corner of the culinary world represented in this city. Over the best few years, the BBQ scene in San Francisco has been getting progressively better, big and more delicious one BBQ joint at time.

These seven BBQ restaurants serve the best BBQ in San Francisco. If you are a food lover who enjoys a good BBQ you need to stop by some, or all, of these BBQ restaurants in San Francisco. Book one of our private tuk-tuk tours and enjoy the best burgers in San Francisco and the best ribs in San Francisco as you explore the city. 

Memphis Minnie’s

BBQ Style: Texas style

Neighborhood: Lower Haight

Memphis Minnie’s is one of the oldest BBQ joints in San Francisco. Even though the city’s BBQ culture is growing today, Memphis Minnie’s was the only good BBQ spot in San Francisco dishing out Texas style BBQ for a long time. Considering Memphis Minnie’s long-standing reputation as some of the best BBQ in San Francisco, it makes for a great lunch stop on a private tour of San Francisco.

Even though ownership has changed hands recently, Minnie’s is still pumping out excellent BBQ that is still some of the best BBQ in San Francisco even with the rise of new BBQ joints in the city. Pro tip: be sure to save room for dessert, their made from scratch pecan pie is heavenly. 

The Pub at Ghirardelli Square

BBQ Style: No specific style

Neighborhood: Aquatic Park/Fisherman’s Wharf

Any BBQ lover who is looking for BBQ in San Francisco needs to check out The Pub at Ghirardelli. This spot for BBQ in San Francisco, CA is especially nice since it sits right along the waterfront. The BBQ at The Pub SF is a bit of a mash-up of different styles, but a huge plus for The Pub BBQ San Francisco joint is that its kitchen serves food until 1:30 am. Which might be the perfect time to try their tater tot menu. 

Southpaw BBQ & Southern Cooking

BBQ Style: North Carolina

Neighborhood: Mission District

Southpaw BBQ and Southern Cooking offers some of the best BBQ in San Franciso and has a massive whiskey selection. The North Carolina style of BBQ at Southpaw BBQ San Francisco makes it one of the best San Francisco BBQ restaurants.

While BBQ joints don’t have the best reputation for having a lot of vegetarian options, Southpaw SF does have a few meatless entree dishes. Considering this SF BBQ spot is in the heart of our foodie neighborhood, the Mission District.

Southpaw San Francisco makes a perfect addition to a San Francisco food tour. If you’re on a private tour of San Francisco, Southpaw makes for a very satisfying lunch stop.

Smokestack SF 

BBQ Style: “Non-denominational BBQ”

Neighborhood: Dogpatch

Smokestack SF is located at Magnolia Brewing. We recently wrote about Magnolia Brewing being on the best breweries in San Francisco, but what we left out of that article was that they also have a massive industrial building in the Dogpatch neighborhood with two wood-fired smokers and grill pits.

Ever have a hard time choosing between Texas dry rub BBQ and Kansas City style BBQ? Then you might want to check out Smokestack San Francisco and taste their delicious BBQ that is inspired by a variety of American and Asian styles of BBQ. Whether you’re trying to do a brew tour of San Francisco or a food tour of San Francisco, Magnolia’s Smokestack will not disappoint.

4505 Burgers & BBQ San Francisco 

BBQ Style: General southern style

Neighborhood: Western Addition 

4505 Burgers & BBQ San Francisco is known for having some of the best BBQ in the Bay Area. 4505 Burgers & BBQ still is known throughout SF as a solid spot for freshly smoked southern BBQ. Most San Francisco bus tours don’t stop in this neighborhood, so you’ll need to visit on your own, or book a San Francisco private tour and enjoy some of the best BBQ in San Franciso for lunch.

Native Son’s BBQ

BBQ Style: Texas style

Neighborhood: No brick and mortar — it’s still a pop-up restaurant!

Native Son’s owner and founder, Eldo Chan is a local, who got a taste of real Texas style BBQ while living in Texas during high school. Eldo desired to fix San Francisco’s BBQ shortage but had relatively no cooking experience is he teamed up with a childhood friend and opened Native Son’s BBQ. Be sure to follow the Native Son’s Facebook and Instagram to know when/where they’ll be popping up next, so you can enjoy this delicious BBQ joint. 

Hardwood Bar & Smokery

BBQ Style: Nonspecific southern style

Neighborhood: Mission Bay

Hardwood BBQ & Smokery is BBQ with a very San Francisco twist. Nori (seaweed) and ponzu sauce (a citrusy type of soy sauce) make frequent appearances on this BQQ joint’s menu. Hardwood is the perfect spot for a large group, especially considering that they have a shareable platter for 8-10 people that comes with a full stack of ribs. Head over to Mission Bay, an often overlooked SF neighborhood, and enjoy some of the best BBQ in San Francisco on your own DIY San Francisco food tour.

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