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10 inspirational John Muir quotes to think on as you explore the California Redwoods on a Muir Woods tour!

North of the Golden Gate Bridge is a grove of nearly two-thousand-year-old redwoods hidden in a valley of Mount Tamalpais, a forest that has been home to coastal redwoods for 150 million years. This National Monument is known as Muir Woods and was named after outdoor enthusiast, John Muir. 

John Muir quotes are some of the most famous outdoor quotes and have inspired outdoor enthusiasts all over the world to explore the mountains and stand up for the forest.

His quotes about the woods, specifically his quotes about redwoods, along with his passion for the outdoors, have moved millions of people. Even President Teddy Rosevelt was inspired to name the famous redwood forest after him!

History of Muir Woods

Nearly a decade before the National Park Service was signed into existence; President Teddy Rosevelt used his presidential powers under the Antiquities Act to declare parts of Mt. Tamalpais as a National Monument. This was one of 18 monuments and over 100 million acres of forest that Roosevelt preserved during his time in office.

If it hadn’t been for the tireless efforts of naturalist and self-proclaimed mountaineer, John Muir, the redwood forest would have fallen victim to a booming lumber industry.

John Muir’s wildlife quotesredwoods quotes, and naturalist quotes inspired a local politician, William Kent, to buy nearly 300 acres of the redwood forest to preserve the ancient towering trees.

When a local water company wanted to build a new dam, which would result in flooding the valley of redwoods, they took William Kent to court over land use. Kent retaliated by donating every last acre of land to the federal government. This massive land donation resulted in Teddy Rosevelt creating a new National Monument.

The forest was originally planned to be named after William Kent, to honor his donation. Kent urged Rosevelt to name the park after the man whose words had inspired him to take action, after all without John Muir, the redwoods near San Francisco would probably not exist. With that, almost 300 acres of Mount Tamalpais became Muir Woods National Monument, also known as the John Muir Forest.

What was it about John Muir’s famous California quotes, especially his redwood quotes, that inspired William Kent and so many others to explore and protect nature? Here are ten best John Muir quotes to help you see for yourself.

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Don’t these John Muir wilderness quotes have you wanting to see John Muir’s forest for yourself?

With all the new parking changes at Muir Woods and Muir Woods shuttle changes, taking a Muir Woods tour might be the easiest way for you to get to see John Muir’s redwoods.

Our most popular minibus tour of San Francisco and Muir Woods is Dylan’s Famous Tour. This tour stops at Muir Woods for over an hour and also takes time to explore San Francisco’s can’t-miss neighborhoods like the Mission District, Twin Peaks, Haight-Ashbury, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

If you’re trying to see the absolute most in one tour, you might want to check out our A Day in the Bay Tour. On this tour, you’ll get to see San Francisco, Muir Woods, and Alcatraz.
Dylan’s Tours is also the only tour company that offers a combination bike and bus tour, Bike the Bridge & Muir Woods Shuttle.

Get the best of both worlds and bike across the Golden Gate Bridge into Sausalito for lunch. After lunch, our private Muir Woods shuttle picks you up and drives you up the mountain to Muir Woods where you’ll explore for over an hour before being dropped back off in San Francisco.

Finally, we also operate a standalone shuttle that runs directly from San Francisco to Muir Woods and back. If you don’t have time for a full tour, this is definitely the best way to get to and from the park!

No matter which Dylan’s Tour you choose, when you get to Muir Woods, you will better understand John Muir’s famous quotes about the wilderness and his famous redwood tree quotes. We think you’ll be sure to fall in love with the beauty of Northern California!

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