Best Bay Area Breweries Tours

Discover the best Bay Area brewery tours in San Francisco and Oakland for beer tasting at the most popular craft breweries.

San Francisco has a long history of beer drinking that dates all the way back to the Gold Rush in 1849. However, the past 20 years has seen breweries in the San Francisco Bay Area boom. You can find plenty of Northern California’s most iconic beer companies featured on brewery tours across the Bay Area.

Even if you plan on doing your own DIY beer tastings at breweries and beer halls, you’ll want to consider hopping onto a Bay Area brewery tour. These beer tours will allow for you to try a few pints and get insiders details on where to explore on your own later.

Despite having dozens of breweries in the area, you’ll only find a handful of San Francisco beer tours. Take a look at some of our favorite ways to taste San Francisco by bike, walking tour, and bus!


Dylan’s San Francisco bay area Breweries Tour

Bay Area Breweries Tours

San Francisco’s Only Beer Tour on an Electric Tuk-Tuk

At Dylan’s we are big fans of San Francisco beer. It started on our San Francisco travel blog when we chronicled five of the best San Francisco breweries. Then, we realized we forgot some of our favorite so we published five more of the best SF beer makers.

This all culminated in the ultimate compilation of the 30 best breweries and beer halls in San Francisco you have to visit and the launch of Dylan’s very first San Francisco Brewery Tour! This San Francisco beer tour is unlike any other because it’s not a walking tour or even a bike tour.

Instead, you’ll travel between two San Francisco breweries in an electric Tuk-Tuk from e-Tuk USA!

Never heard of a Tuk-Tuk before? Tuk-Tuks have historically been found throughout Southeast Asia as a convenient way to shuttle a couple of people between locations. Dylan’s e-Tuks are a pimped out version of the traditional Tuk-Tuk with new quiet electric motors and comfortable seating for you and up to five of your friends.

Cruise between some of the best breweries in California in style from our unique open-air transportation. When you stop at the first beer tasting of Bay Area beer, the first drink will be on us!


San Francisco Craft Beer Walking Tour in Fisherman’s Wharf and North Beach with SF on Tap

Bay Area Brewery Tours

Drink Your Way Through San Francisco’s Current and Former Waterfront

Even though our most popular San Francisco bus tour begins in Fisherman’s Wharf, it does not spend much time driving through the neighborhood. That’s because Fisherman’s Wharf is a neighborhood best explored by foot.

That’s where SF on Tap comes in with their unique pub crawl through San Francisco’s current waterfront (Fisherman’s Wharf) and the former waterfront (North Beach aka Little Italy) comes in.

For anyone staying at one of the many great hotels in Fisherman’s Wharf this tour will be the best way to go beer tasting in the Bay Area. Even though you’ll only be exploring two neighborhoods, your local guide will be able to give you expert advice on the best breweries in the Bay Area for you to visit in your freetime. On this tour you’ll travel with no more than 12 guests and make stops at three different watering holes.

Small-Group Craft Brews and Bike Tour in San Francisco with Beers & Bikes

Bay Area Breweries

Your Guide to Biking San Francisco’s Best Breweries

Two of San Francisco’s biggest past-times have got to be brews and bicycles. Combine them both on a Bay Area beer tour by bike!

Begin in San Francisco’s Chinatown and then visit two Bay Area breweries: one in the SOMA neighborhood and one the Mission District. You local guides will take you through the city’s best bike paths in some of the most bike friendly parts of town.

If you are having trouble choosing between Bay Area brewery tours and bike tours, this combination bike and brew tour will be a clear winner. The best part? The first pint is included in your ticket price!

San Francisco Brew Tours with Vantigo


San Francisco Beer Tasting in a Vintage VW Bus

One of the best San Francisco VW bus tours offers a Northern California brewery tour in their beautifully restored VW vans. You will visit San Francisco breweries for beer tastings as well as catch San Francisco’s must-see attractions at seven different photo stops.

Besides the beer, Vantigo is a great choice for Bay Area tours since these small vehicles can bypass the San Francisco tour bus ban. This means that the Crooked Street on Lombard AND the home from “Full House” will both be accessible to you. Both of these locations have long standing bans on most tour buses. Luckily, Vantigo can skirt those prohibitions!

Jack London Square Beer Walk with Whole Brew World

Group celebrating with beer

Oakland Brewery Tour on the Waterfront

Join an Oakland beer tour in Jack London Square for beer tastings at a beer hall and brewery with a local guide. Stop for pint at a historic watering hole in Jack London Square and learn about the man the park is named after.

Afterwards, you’ll leave the waterfront and head into Oakland’s warehouse district where you’ll stop for beer tasting at an Oakland craft brewery! Eventually the tour wraps back around to Jack London Square. Since the ferry terminal is nearby, this tour perfect for anyone planning on taking a ferry from San Francisco to Oakland.

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