5 Must-See Spots San Francisco Tour Buses Are Banned From

Posted on March 15, 2018 |

By Leila N’Amara

Double decker buses aren’t just loud and crowded — they are banned from visiting some of the most quinessential parts of San Francisco. Hop off a San Francisco big bus and discover the real San Francisco with 100% local guides with Dylan’s Tours. From scenic rooftops to The Crookedest Street in the world, here are five places you won’t be able to see unless you’re on an e-tuk San Francisco private tour!

Mission District Alleys

Cruise down Balmey Alley, home to murals from non-profit Precita Eyes Foundation

Normally, alleyways are the last place you’d want to explore while visiting a new city. But, in San Francisco’s Mission District alleys are transformed into public outdoor art galleries. Two shining examples of these mural-filled alleyways are Balmey Alley and Clarion Alley. You won’t catch any kind of San Francisco big bus cruising down these locals-only roads! Our e-tuk San Francisco private tours are perfect for exploring San Francisco’s sunniest neighborhood — the Mission District.

The Painted Ladies

If you’ve ever seen an episode of the 80-90s sitcom Full House, (or the more recent Netflix revival Fuller House), then you might recognize these homes from the picnic scene in the theme song. Unfortunately, San Francisco tour buses have been banned from driving anywhere near these iconic homes since 2013.  Any San Francisco tours that drive by here risk public shaming from a local news segment, “People Behaving Badly“. If you really want to get up close and personal to these infamous Painted Ladies of San Francisco, then shoot us an email (info@dylanstours.com) to set up your e-tuk San Francisco private tour.

Chinatown Alleys

Explore Chinatown’s Ross Alley, where you’ll find the last hand-folded fortune cookie factory

You haven’t really discovered the oldest Chinatown around until you’ve gone adventuring through alleyways hiding home made fortune cookies! Our open air e-tuks are perfect for capturing the unique jade architecture of Chinatown during your San Francisco private tour.

The Crooked Street

Tour buses have been banned from driving down The Crookedest Street in the World since 1981. Out-of-towners usually only get to experience the eight hair pin turns if they already have a car rental or if they have a generous cab driver. With the launch of our e-tuk San Francisco private tours you can now cruise down Lombard Street in one-of-a-kind fashion.


Dylan’s Super Secret Rooftop

One of the perks that come with having 100% local guides? We 100% know the best spots for photo ops. We can guarantee you won’t find any other San Francisco tours at Dylan’s Super Secret Rooftop. Discover nearly 360 degree views from this hidden parking garage while on your e-tuk San Francisco private tour!

Want to work around the San Francisco tour bus ban? We can help create a personalized e-tuk San Francisco private tour — just send us an email at info@dylanstours.com for more information.

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