Best Tuk Tuk Tours Around the World

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First popularized in Southeast Asia, Tuk Tuk tours are now seen in cities all across the globe.

Here are the best.

Discover one of the best tuk tuk tours in the world in San Francisco

Ride down The Crooked Street in an electric Tuk Tuk!

What is a Tuk Tuk?

Tuk Tuks are kind of like a super charged rickshaw that holds two people.

The engines on the first Tuk Tuks sputtered so much these open air vehicles became known for the “tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk” sound.

The iconic Tuk Tuk name persists. Even though modern Tuk Tuks, like the ones from eTuk USA, now run on quiet electric motors.

Tuk Tuk tours have long been associate with travel in Thailand, India, Cambodia and throughout Southeast Asia.

Over the years countless travelers have told tales of their adventurous Tuk Tuk ride.

Travel different on this San Francisco city tour on an electric tuk tuk

Discover Chinatown on Tuk Tuk tours of San Francisco

Recent years has seen an explosion of entrepreneurial tour companies that have a Tuk Tuk driving around.

Cities all across America have been rolling out electric Tuk Tuk tours. Largely thanks to the Denver based eTuk USA for bringing electric Tuk Tuk production to the States.

Tuk Tuk Thailand tours and Tuk Tuk India tours have inspired San Francisco private tours led by Tuk Tuks — nearly 8,000 miles away!

Explore Fisherman's Wharf on tuk tuk tours of San Francisco

Tuk Tuk tours allow travelers to explore off-the-beaten-path

You can now enjoy Tuk Tuk tours in Paris, Lisbon Florence, Zurich, Reykjavík, Denver and Jersey.

All inspired from the original tuk tuk tuk tuk tuks.

Why should I consider Tuk Tuk tours?

Modern electric Tuk Tuks are an upgraded version of the original noisy tuk tuks.

eTuks are limo versions of the original Tuk Tuks.

Electric Tuk Tuks can hold up to six people. That’s three times as many as the original Tuk Tuks!

Tuk Tuk tours offer an intimate way to explore a city.

The open air vehicles means you don’t have to worry about the glare from windows while taking photos.

Tuk Tuk tours are essentially private hop on hop off tours because of how small and easy they are to get around in.

Go where San Francisco hop on hop off tours can't go with Dylan's Tuk Tuk Tours of San Francisco

San Francisco’s ONLY tuk tuks are some of the only tour vehicles allowed down The Crooked Street!

From Bangkok food tours to San Francisco brewery tours, Tuk Tuk tours offer the best way to experience a new city like a local.

Best Tuk Tuk Tours Around the World


San Francisco, California

Adventure awaits

Travel differently with 100% local guides at Dylan's Tours ✌️We were the first to introduce Pedego Electric Bikes to city tours of San Francisco and the *only* ETUK USA tuk tuk tours in SF!

Posted by Dylan's Tours on Thursday, November 15, 2018

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟: TripAdvisor Tuk Tuk Tours

💰💰: Tuk Tuk Price

Tuk Tuk tours of San Francisco have quickly become a fan favorite for travelers looking for unique things to do in San Francisco.

Trying to find a city tour San Francisco that goes down the infamous Crooked Street or iconic Painted Ladies from “Full House” can be difficult due to a ban on most San Francisco bus tours.

Go off-the-beaten-path with tuk tuk tours of San Francisco

In a city as small as San Francisco, #sizematters

Luckily, size matters.

Our electric Tuk Tuks from eTuk USA only hold about six people, they skirt by the San Francisco tour bus ban!

Our Tuk Tuk tours on the City Tour San Francisco and San Francisco Brewery Tour go off-the-beaten-path to see all the interesting things to do in San Francisco.

If you’re looking for cool stuff to do in San Francisco, you’ll definitely have fun on a Tuk Tuk patrol through San Francisco.


Napa, California

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟: TripAdvisor Tuk Tuk Tours

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There are a few ways of getting to Napa from San Francisco. Once you’re there, a tour of Wine Country is a must.

You’ll find plenty of bus tours and bike tours of Napa to choose from.

But there’s only one Napa Valley tour company offering Tuk Tuk tours!

Laces and Limos offers post short 2 1/2 hour Tuk Tuk tours of Wine Country as well four hour long custom journey through the wineries of Napa Valley.

Just like with Dylan’s Tours in San Francisco, Laces and Limos leads their Tuk Tuk patrol with electric vehicles from eTuk USA.

Enjoy the warm Napa Valley climate from the comfort of an open-air eTuk with Laces and Limos.


Denver, Colorado

The Vehicle Fleet Out On The Town

The Denver fleet of Tuk Tuk's were out on the town last night for a chartered event.

Posted by ETuk Ride Denver on Tuesday, September 13, 2016

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟: TripAdvisor Tuk Tuk Tours

💰: Tuk Tuk Price

eTuk USA is the company manufacturing and leading the Tuk Tuk tours revolution here in the States.

Their headquarters are in Denver, Colorado.

So it’s no surprise you’ll find a fleet of eTuks leading tuk tuk tours throughout Denver.

eTuk Ride Denver specializes in short 2.5 hour Denver city tours. These short tours are packed with everything from the must-see historical sites and hidden gems of Denver.

Or you can explore Denver with your stomach as you drink your way through Denver’s pub scene on eTuk Ride Denver’s Craft Brewery Crawl to three popular Denver breweries over 3 hours.

In addition to their year-round tours, travelers to Denver can also enjoy a Denver night tour of all the holiday lights!


Portland, Oregon

Discover one of the best tuk tuk tours in the world in Portland

Join eTuk Ride Portland for beer tasting Portland on their Brewery Tour

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟: TripAdvisor Tuk Tuk Tours

💰: Tuk Tuk Price

Portland is a weird city and deserves a weird vehicle for eco friendly tours.

eTuk Ride is helping #KeepPortlandWeird with their Tuk Tuk tours through Portland.

Ride around Portland on quick 2.5 hour Tuk Tuks tours showcasing the best of Portland’s street art, waterfront and so much more on their Portland city tour.

This Oregon city is a hub of the craft beer scene. There’s over 75 Portland breweries to explore!

Beer drinkers can get a glimpse at the booming craft beer scene on a Portland brewery tour that stops at three popular Portland breweries over 3 hours.


Buffalo, New York

Discover one of the best tuk tuk tours around the world in Buffalo

Discover Buffalo on one of the only tuk tuk tours in New York

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟: TripAdvisor Tuk Tuk Tours

💰💰💰: Tuk Tuk Price

Two Buffalo locals were inspired to bring Tuk Tuk transportation stateside after traveling through Southeast Asia and having a blast getting around on Tuk Tuks.

Now you can discover New York intimately while on Buffalo city tours by Queen City Tuk Tuk. Their two hour Tuk Tuk tour stops at all the iconic site around town Buffalo.

Including the (pictured above) Botanical Gardens which looks an awful lot like San Francisco’s Conservatory of Flowers!

Beer drinkers should note that you can explore three favorite Buffalo breweries: Lafayette Brewing Company, Pearl Street Grill and Brewery, and Riverworks Brewery on their Buffalo Brewery Tour.

Beer tasting Buffalo has never been easier than with a Buffalo brewery tour with Queen City Tuk Tuk.


Paris, France

Discover the one of the best tuk tuk tours around the world in Paris

Discover the City of Light on a tuk tuk tour of Paris

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟: TripAdvisor Tuk Tuk Tours

💰💰: Tuk Tuk Price

Paris by Tuk Tuk is a Parisian tour company with one of the most comprehensive selection of Tuk Tuk tours.

Romantic Paris Tours ✔️

Paris Night Tours ✔️

Parisian Wine Tours ✔️

Paris City Tours ✔️

Custom Paris Tours ✔️

We seriously can’t think of a better way to explore the City of Lights than from the comfort of an open-air electric Tuk Tuk Tour.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Discover one of the best tuk tuk tours around the world in Croatia

Eco Tuk Tours are Croatia’s premier tuk tuk tours

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟: TripAdvisor Tuk Tuk Tours

💰💰: Tuk Tuk Price

Discover the scenic city of Dubrovnik on a Croatian food tour, Croatian night tour and other Tuk Tuk tours by Eco Tuk Tours Dubrovnik.

Eco Tuk Tours most popular Tuk Tuk tour is by far their 3 hour tour Dubrovnik that explores a local market near the harbor.

Afer exploring the market, you’ll be tuking up Srdj Mountain for incredible views of the Croatian coast and then exploring a guided walking tour at the UNESCO World Hertiage Site of the Old City.

History buffs with an interest in the early 90s Croatian War of Independence can join Eco Tuk Tours to a 200 year old fortress that is home to the Croatian War of Independence Museum.

Hear first hand accounts of this war and history from guides who experience the Croatian War of Independence themselves as children.


Bangkok, Thailand

N/A No Account: TripAdvisor Tuk Tuk Tours

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Finding a Tuk Tuk in Thailand just might be one the easiest places to find Tuk Tuk tours.

See the capital of Thailand on  intimate Bangkok excursions via Tuk Tuk!

The hop on hop on style of Tuk Tuk Hop allows for travelers to create their own Bangkok private tours. Tuk Tuks follow a route through Bangkok and you can hop-on-hop-off as you like.

There’s even an app!

Tuk Tuk Bangkok is one of the quintessential ways of exploring the heart of Thailand.


Lisbon, Portugal

Discover one of the best tuk tuk tours around the world in Lisbon

Enjoy a 5 star experience on tuk tuk Lison tours

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟: TripAdvisor Tuk Tuk Tours

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Discover the Portuguese capital in these super brightly colored Tuk Tuks.

The most fun Lisbon tours in Portugal are led by Tuk Tuk Lisboa (Tuk Tuk Tour Lisbon).

Choose between 3 passenger and 6 passenger Tuk Tuk tours for an intimate and affordable Tuk Tuk Lisbon tour that follows their circuit through the city.


Bordeaux, France

Discover some of the best tuk tuk tours around the world in Bordeaux

Enjoy tuk tuk tours in the French countryside with Tuk Tour Events

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟: TripAdvisor Tuk Tuk Tours

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Discover picturesque Bordeaux  on an intimate Tuk Tuk tours with Tuk Tour Events.

This affordable Bordeaux city tour departs from the Bordeaux Tourist Office for a scenic one hour loop through the city on a 100% electric Tuk Tuk Tour.

These small Tuk Tuks easily maneuver through Bordeaux’s alleyways and cobblestone roads, creating a unique and memorable tour of this French city.



Discover one of the best tuk tuk tours around the world in Switzerland

See Switzerland on tuk tuk tours

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟: TripAdvisor Tuk Tuk Tours

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A Tuk Tuk Zurich might be miles away from a Tuk Tuk Cambodia — but just as fun!

The city of Zurich actually runs these Tuk Tuk Tours and they depart every hour from 9am -4pm daily!

These 1 1/2 hour Zurich city tours include stops for photo ops, shopping and lots of history from local guides.

Cheese mongers, rejoice! There are even options for FONDUE Tuk Tuk Tours!

Enjoy a small group Zurich city tour led on 100% electric Tuk Tuks with Zuerich ETukTuk Tours.


Florence, Italy

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟: TripAdvisor Tuk Tuk Tours

💰💰: Tuk Tuk Price

Explore the Mediterranean paradise of Florence, Italy from the comfort of a 100% electric Tuk Tuk tour.

Tuk Tuk Florence offers quick and easy 2 hour Florence city tours by tuk tuk.

But for a real Tuscan adventure you might want to consider their tour of Florence and nearby Fiesole & Settignano! This 6 hour tour include wine tasting, olive oil tasting and a light lunch at an entoeca (a kind of Italian winery tasting room).

For a taste of Tuscany, join their Apertivio Tour. Apertivio is an Italian traditional of imbibng on a light alcoholic drink intended to stimulate your appetite before a meal.

What could be more Italian than drinking an eating with locals?


Red Bank, New Jersey

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟: TripAdvisor Tuk Tuk Tours

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On demand Tuk Tuk transportation with the Scooter Guys in Jersey offers an interesting take on DIY Tuk Tuk tours.

But the real fun with Scooter Guys in on their Brewery Tour!

Discover since electric Tuk Tuks from eTuk USA hold a maximum of six people, you’re guaranteed a small intimate New Jersey Brewery Tour.

Tuk Tuk Brewery Tours run Thursday – Sunday and may stop at Beach Haus Brewery, Bradley Brew Project, Asbury Park Brewery, Dark City Brewing Co or Asbury Park Distilling Co.


Naperville, Illinois

Discover one of the best tuk tuk tours in the world in Naperville

Part rideshare part tuk tuk tour –travel differently with Tuk Tuk Naperville

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟: TripAdvisor Tuk Tuk Tours

💰: Tuk Tuk Price

Tuk Tuk Naperville is available both as a rideshare (take that Uber!) and as Tuk Tuk tours.

The best of both worlds!

Tuk Tuk Naperville serves as a fun rideshare option for those trying to get to Cardinal Football games at the local college.

But Tuk Tuk Naperville also offers Tuk Tuk Tours showcasing architectural gems, historical tour and even beer crawls around Downtown!


Chicago, Illinois

Discover one of the best tuk tuk tours around the world in Chicago

Discover Chicago on a tuk tuk tour

N/A No Account: TripAdvisor Tuk Tuk Tours

💰: Tuk Tuk Price

Tuk Tuk Chicago offers affordable and FUN Tuk Tuk tours of Chicago.

2 hour Chicago city tours start off at just $45 per person to see all the iconic sites around town.

Chicago food tours complete with an: appetizer, entree, dessert and “nightcap” are available on private tours that range from 1-3 hours.

With Tuk Tuk Chicago, there is no shortage of Tuk Tuk Tours through the Windy City!


Sometimes the best use for an eTuk is to simply get from point A to point B.

Even the eBay headquarters uses an eTuk to get around their massive location!

We wanted to give some honorable mentions to a few companies that have Tuk Tuks driving around for charter services in their hometowns.


Oxford, Mississippi

Discover one of the best tuk tuk tours around the world in Mississippi

Uber is old news in Mississippi, tuk tuks are the new rideshare in town

💰: Tuk Tuk Price

Oxford, Mississippi has been embracing the Flying Tuk as their go-to ride share service.

Just like with Uber, you text to ride.

Except, instead of a beat up Honda showing up — you’ll have 100% electric Tuk Tuks arriving!


Boise, Idaho

Discover one of the best tuk tuk tours around the world in Idaho

Tuk tuk rideshares in Idaho courtesy of Star Tuk

💰: Tuk Tuk Price

Since August 2018 Boise has been the latest city to adopt rideshare via electric Tuk Tuks.

Rides within 2 miles of downtown Boise are FREE!! Just remember to tip your Tuk Tuk driver 😉

Check out all the streets of San Francisco that you can explore on a  PRIVATE San Francisco tour on 100% electric tuk tuks.

Still not convinced on taking Tuk Tuk tours of San Francisco? Read all about why Tuk Tuk tours are the best way to see San Francisco.

Electric Tuk Tuk tours of San Francisco are KID APPROVED! Check out these 10 fun things to do in San Francisco with kids while on a private tuk tuk tour.

San Francisco Local Traveler Guide!

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