Why a Tuk-Tuk Tour is the Best Way to See San Francisco

Posted on March 19, 2018 |

Anyone who follows us on Facebook or subscribes to our newsletter already knows that we’ve recently added electric tuk-tuk custom tours to our range of San Francisco tours. Electric tuk-tuks — which are also called E-Tuks or electric rickshaws — are an amazing way to explore the city, with plenty of advantages over other, more traditional, kinds of touring vehicles. But unless you’ve been to specific parts of Asia, you’ve perhaps not been on a tuk-tuk before, so we’ve put together a short guide explaining all of the reasons why a tuk-tuk tour is the best way to see San Francisco!

E-Tuks Only Carry Six People

Our E-Tuks can only carry six people. This suits us perfectly, as Dylan’s Tours has always preferred smaller tour buses as they allow us to talk to all of our guests and answer their questions. We’re proud of our 100% local tour guides because they know their city better than anyone else! So, our 6-person tuk tuks are the best way for our passengers to talk to our guides and learn as much as possible about San Francisco!

Tuk-Tuks Can Reach Places Tour Buses Can’t

San Francisco street and neighbourhood

The E-Tuks are ideal for navigating San Francisco’s narrow streets

Other than providing a more intimate tour experience, our electric tuk-tuks’ smaller size also allows them to explore areas larger tour buses cannot.  We can take passengers on the road (or alleyway) less travelled, showing them the smaller details of the city that most guests never see. Other than our electric bikes for hire… E-Tuks are our smallest tour vehicles yet they allow our guests to see San Francisco in a completely different way — especially since we’re the only tour company in the city with E-Tuks!

E-Tuks Are Perfect for Families and Small Groups

If you’re travelling with your family or a small, tight-knit group of friends, then our electric tuk-tuks are the perfect option for you, as you can have a private experience with only your group and the tour guide. Even if you’re travelling as a couple, you can book an E-Tuk to yourselves and have the ultimate private tour of San Francisco!

Tuk-Tuks Can Pick You Up from Anywhere

San Francisco street looking out over the Alcatraz

We can pick you up from anywhere! Even from the cruise terminals.

Wherever you are in San Francisco, our electric tuk-tuks can reach you — even if that means picking you up at cruise terminals! Whereas some larger vehicles are restricted to main roads and there are usually too many other passengers to allow for custom pickups, we can pick you up from your hotel or from almost any part of the city!

You Can Customise Your Tour

We’ve always tried to offer flexibility with our San Francisco tours, but nothing quite like our electric tuk-tuk tours. Because it’s usually just one group on each E-Tuk tour, we can deviate from the plan and take a different route depending on what you want to see. We know all the best places for group photos, so if capturing a few snaps is high on your to-do list, we can make that happen for you. Equally, if your goal is to see as much as possible of San Francisco in two hours, we can do that too! We can even drop you off wherever you need to be, which is great if you find the perfect restaurant on Trip Adviser and are a little worried about getting there. If you have something specific in mind for your tuk-tuk tour of San Francisco, chances are we can make it happen, so don’t be afraid to ask!

That’s all we have time for on this blog! We hope we’ve convinced a few readers that electric tuk-tuks are a fantastic way to explore San Francisco. But if you’re looking for the classic Dylan’s Tour experience, perhaps you’d prefer Dylan’s Famous Minibus Tour. However you decide to explore San Francisco, we want you to have an incredible time, so please get in touch if you have any questions. With a little help from us, you can plan the ultimate San Francisco experience!

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