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Explore the city with Seattle Bicycle Tours. Learn why this tour company offers the best Seattle Tours in Washington State.

After running tours for over ten years, Dylan’s Tours has been rated #1 on TripAdvisor’s list of Outdoor Activities in San Francisco. We are honored to hold this title. We love showing travelers around our beautiful city on our minibus, bike, and tuk-tuk tours.

With that said, we love helping our guest have real experiences, not just here in San Francisco but everywhere they choose to travel. In our quest to inspire wanderlust, we’ve decided to find the best bike tours across America.

In this blog, we’re heading up the Pacific Coast Highway to Washington to have a look at the best Seattle tours.

Explore Seattle on one of Seattle Bicycle Tours' Seattle Tours

Enjoy one of the best Seattle Tours with Seattle Bicycle Tours.

Seattle is one of the most bike-friendly cities in America, so naturally, one of the best tours in Seattle is a bike tour. Seattle Bicycle Toursoffers some of the best tours in the city and is rated #1 on TripAdvisor’s list of Seattle cycling tours.

After doing our research and evaluating some of the best Seattle tours, we understand why Seattle Bicycle Tours is one of the top rated Seattle city tours.

If you are looking for a Seattle electric bike tour, or just a standard Seattle bike tour, look no further. Here are the reasons why you must book a tour with Seattle Bicycle Tours.

Small group guided Seattle bike tours

Seattle Bicycle Tours is always prepared to guide guests through the city.

Prepared for the Weather

Seattle is a rainy city. Rain may seem like it would be a problem for the many Seattle city tours, but Seattle Bicycle Tours has everything you need to explore the city and face the rain with ease.

To help you see the city in the rain, Seattle Bicycle Tours have fenders on all their bikes, and your tour guide will give you a rain poncho if you come without your rain jacket.

Seattle Bicycle Tours’ bikes are always ready for the rain, which is one reason they are one of the best Seattle tours.


Electric and Standard Bike Tours

Another reason why Seattle Bicycles Tours offer some of the best bike tours in Seattle is that they offer both electric and standard bike tours.

Depending on your athletic abilities, skill level, or just how you are feeling that day, you can choose to go on an electric bike Seattle tour or a standard bike tour.

Either way, you are going to be in the fresh air exploring the famous attractions of the city and enjoying one of the best bicycle tours in Seattle.


Seattle Guided Tours

A significant reason why we believe Seattle Bicycle Tours offer some of the best Seattle tours is that all of their tours are guided.

There is nothing worse than renting a bike in a city you aren’t familiar with and getting lost. By going on one of Seattle Bicycle Tours’ many Seattle city tours, you don’t have to be worried about finding a Seattle bike map or navigate your way through Seattle bike paths. Instead, you merely have to show up on time at the meeting location and enjoy learning about the city.

The guides at Seattle Bicycle Tours make sure all of their guests have safe Seattle bike rides by avoiding traffic and choosing Seattle bike trails that are best suited for their guests.


Local Seattle Guided Tours

The tours at Seattle Bicycle Tours are not just Seattle guided tours; they are also local Seattle guided tours.

Each guide is a Seattle local that will be able to show you all the main attractions in the city as well as show you their favorite local hotspots.

These wonderful local guides help make Seattle Bicycle Tours the most authentic Seattle bike tour in the city.

Seattle bike trails, explore Seattle on a guided bike tour

Seattle Bicycle Tours offers five different tours that vary in length, skill, and terrain.

Tour Options

Seattle Bicycle Tours has 5 Seattle bike tours that guests can choose from. All of the tours vary in terrain, time, and location.


Electric Bike Tours

West Seattle Electric Bicycle Tour

This tour explores the west side of Seattle. On the West Seattle Electric Bicycle Tour, you will encounter secret parks, Native American history, amazing cityscape views, famous attractions such as Plymouth Rock and the Alki Point Lighthouse, and enjoy a water taxi ride back to the city.

Discovery Park Electric Bicycle Tour

This tour is one of the more advanced Seattle bike tours. It takes guest through the 13-mile long, convoluted maze of trails in Seattle’s biggest park. Guests will see some of the best views Seattle has to offer, as they bike through Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle’s Waterfront and Discovery Park.


Standard Bike Tours

Emerald City Bike Tour

This could be one of the best tours in Seattle. On this tour, guests get to explore the heart and soul of the city. The tour guide will navigate you through the hipster neighborhoods of Ballard, Fremont, South Lake Union, Seattle Center, and Queen Anne on a fantastic interurban bicycle trail.

Smith Cove Bike Tour

This two-hour ten-mile excursion will take you through the Elliot Bay Trail. You will learn about Native American history and current events. Make sure to bring your camera on this bike adventure, as there are many photo opportunities and some of the best views Seattle has to offer.

Westland Distillery, Seapine Brewery, and Ganja Goddess Bicycle Tour.

This bicycle tour is a taste into the heart of the distillery, microbrew, and recreational marijuana movements. This tour is for anyone 21 years of age and older.


TripAdvisor Reviews

Check out some of these reviews from happy travelers:

“This tour will show you things even a local would miss! Amazing equipment to make the hills as easy as you need. E-Bikes are the Best to cruise with!!!! Enjoy the tour, do the workouts at home.”

-Benjamin B on TripAdvisor

“Had a blast cruising around parts of Seattle I never would have known about…even as someone who has spent a lot of time here.”

– Sadie Lou on TripAdvisor

“Take the water taxi, located on the pier next to the shop, to West Seattle. That was awesome! You have some dramatic views of Seattle skyline.”

– Roermond on TripAdvisor

If you are heading to Seattle, we recommend you experience the city with one of the best Seattle guided tours from Seattle Bicycle Tours.

Seattle Bicycle Tours’ mission is to show all of their guests the sights, sounds and smells that make Seattle a beautiful city. Skip Googling “bike rental Seattle” or “Seattle bike shops” and enjoy the convenience of an authentic guided tour with one of the best Seattle bike tour companies.

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