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With everything from beer tasting to biking, team building in San Francisco has never been more fun. Or easier — with the help of locals from Dylan’s Tours.


Discover fun ways to get your team out of the office and exploring San Francisco

Escape rooms and trying to solve a scavenger hunt in San Francisco have been popular team building experiences in San Francisco for years.

But, if you really want your corporate team building to also have the ability to learn about this constantly evolving city, you’ll need a more personalized touch with the help of Dylan’s local guides.

Replace San Francisco scavenger hunts with hiking through 2,000 (year old redwood trees. Instead of rushing to complete an escape room, take your time drinking through the best breweries in San Francisco.

If you’re a destination management company in San Francisco, you’ll feel confident choosing Dylan’s Tours because we’ve helped plan many fun excursions for corporate event management companies.

Keep reading to discover our favorite team building activities in San Francisco!

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Muir Woods offers a serene setting for team building near San Francisco

Ever have trouble with team members being glued to their phone during team building activities? The redwood forest nestled into Mt. Tamalpais at Muir Woods doesn’t have great cell phone reception and there isn’t any WiFi.

This digital detox makes exploring the redwoods is one of the great outdoor team building activities around San Francisco. Since no one will be able to use their phones, your team will have a better chance of enjoying the forest without any distractions.

Even though Muir Woods is one of the most visited National Parks in America, the park itself isn’t very large. This means even themost popular hiking trails in Muir Woods can be done in about an hour!

However, in 2018 Muir Woods parking reservations began — even for tour buses. Getting your team to Muir Woods means not only finding enough transportation for everyone, but reserving parking for all those vehicles.

One of the benefits of organizing your team building in San Francisco with Dylan’s Tours is that Dylan himself coordinates Muir Woods parking permits for your visit to the redwoods.

“Hiking through Muir Woods was so easy with Dylan’s Tours — they dropped off our group right at the entrance to the park and our guide was eagerly waiting for us to return so we could all enjoy an amazing lunch in Sausalito!” Private tour feedback from 2018.

We help alleviate some of the stress of planning team building experience by putting together a complete tour package with Muir Woods reservations and arranging for a leisurely lunch stop in Sausalito.


Team Building in San Francisco

Wiggle your way around the hills while team building in San Francisco

Looking for team offsite ideas in San Francisco that will keep everyone active?

Get your team out of the office and wiggling through the streets of San Francisco with an electric bike tour!

Some people are surprised that SF is so bike friendly. Thanks to the help from a booming bike messenger industry, the city of San Francisco created a special bike path painted green to help guide cyclists away from the infamously steep hills.

This unique bike path is technically called the Green Wave. But, is more lovingly known as The Wiggle by locals. Because, if you follow this bike path, you’ll wiggle between all the hills.

Join our local guides lead you through San Francisco’s waterfront and into neighborhoods often overlooked by big corporate bus tours while riding on our trusty Pedego electric bikes.

Riding The Wiggle is one of the most fun group activities in San Francisco and can be arranged on a private experience of Dylan’s Original City Loop Electric Bike Tour.


Team Building in San Francisco | Dylan's Tours

BYOB to turn your team building into a party bus!

Ever since the Gold Rush San Francisco, when ships arrived to our coast filled with people from all corners of the globe hoping to get rich quick, we have been a city of transplants.

Many current San Franciscans transplant themselves from their hometowns and arrive in the city for college or to pursue their careers after getting their degree.

If your team happens to be comprised of a lot of transplants — or if you just want to provide a personalized onboarding experience for new team members — having passionate San Francisco specialist show them around could be one the best team building events in San Francisco.

Still have your heart set on an old fashioned San Francisco treasure hunt? We can help you plan out a simple scavenger hunt that can be completed during the photo stops of your San Francisco city tour.


Team Building in San Francisco | Dylan's Tours

Team building in San Francisco is best enjoyed over a pint… or two.

San Francisco has had a booming beer scene since Anchor Steam Brewing first began their rooftop fermentation shortly after the Gold Rush.

Today, the craft beer community is thriving, so much so that it’s worth it to hire a guide to help you find the best breweries & beer halls in the city.

Of all the San Francisco event venues in town, we think these breweries make for the best atmosphere for getting to know your colleagues over a pint… or two.

To help people drink their way through the city, we launched Dylan’s Brewery Tour of San Francisco in the Bay’s ONLY electric Tuk Tuks from eTuk USA!

We can customize your team building experience to discover some of the best breweries around town.

Our Tuks Tuks can shuttle groups around to our favorite beer makers in SOMA, Haight-Ashbury and (gasp) Fisherman’s Wharf. But we can accommodate larger groups with our fleet of minibuses!


Team Building in San Francisco | Dylan's Tours

Discover California’s wineries while team building in San Francisco

Wine Country is a few hours away, so getting to Napa from San Francisco can be a little tricky to plan.

Luckily there are plenty of wine bars in the city to help give you a taste of Sonoma County & Napa Valley wines.

Team events in San Francisco led by passionate local guides means our guides will be helping your team discover some of the best wine bars in the city. Want to explore the vineyards of Napa yourselves? We can arrange for up to 200 of your team members with comfortable transportation (and a designated driver) for your trip to Wine Country!

This is one of the more fun indoor team building activities if you have team members with mobility needs that might make visiting Muir Woods or Alcatraz tricky.


Team Building in San Francisco

Locals do everything last. This is especially true when it comes to visiting Alcatraz Island.

Most locals (and tourists) are shocked to find out that Alcatraz tickets can be sold out *months* in advance.

This could complicate your team building goals in San Francisco if you’re planning on trying to explore America’s most infamous island prison.

Luckily, coordinating your corporate events in San Francisco with Dylan’s Tours means that we can arrange for Alcatraz tickets to be bundled with your private tour of San Francisco. We’ll make the reservations for Alcatraz, all you’ll need to bring are photo IDs to pick up the tickets.


Team Building in San Francisco | Dylan's Tours

Our team of passionate San Franciscans are eager to show your team around SF!

SIZE: We can accommodate up to 200 guests!

VEHICLE VARIETY: Choose between minibuses, minivans and electric Tuk Tuks.

SF NATIVES: Trade in the corporate event planners San Francisco for our local guides from SF that will help your team discover the city like a local.

HANDLES RESERVATIONS: We can organize tickets to Alcatraz Island, parking at Muir Woods and lunch in Sausalito.

MAKE IT A PARTY: Our commercial license means all guests are allowed to BYOB!

Email us today, to arrange your team building in San Francisco with our local guides.

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