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Did you know that San Francisco has cold, foggy weather during the summer? Don’t let it stop you from exploring The Bay Area. Survive Fogust in real San Francisco style.

By Leila N’Amara

San Francisco’s weather can be a little different than the rest of the country. You’re not alone if you forgot to pack some hoodies, beanies, and scarves for your summer visit to San Francisco.

San Francisco Weather Averages:

Spring 56.3°F      Summer 60.5°F

Autumn 60.1°F     Winter 52.2°F

San Francisco Yearly Weather:

Annual high temperature 63.8°F     Annual low temperature 50.8°F

Fogust, fog in August, can make an appearance on your summer trip in The Bay Area. Don’t let the fog ruin your trip, after all Fogust is a San Francisco beauty.

Just because you weren’t anticipating Karl the Fog in the middle of August, doesn’t mean you should be forced to buy a tourist sweater. We asked our tour guide, and San Francisco native, Rolando for the best places to grab some local hoodies, so you can stay stylish in the fog. Stay up to date with San Francisco fashion, by shopping at any, or all of these classic SF stores.


Pink Dolphin

What happens when you have a San Francisco high schooler unsatisfied with the skater fashion, and a few hundred dollars? Pink Dolphin happens.

As stated in SOMA Magazine:

“The likes of Justin Bieber, Big Sean and other major celebs being seen head-to-toe in the distinguishable and eye-catching graphics and hues of Pink Dolphin, it has become the go-to label for young street wear enthusiasts to be seen in.”

Pink Dolphin is a great example of real San Francisco style and one of our favorite places to shop.


Cookies SF

In 2011, Cookies SF clothing took center stage in founder and co-owner, Berner’s music video, “Yoko,” that featured Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, and Big Krit.

Cookies SF Haight represents San Francisco style in the most trendy way. The store hosts regular pop-up shops that often make the store look more like an event space than a clothing shop. Beat the Fogust in style with Cookies SF. 


Diamond Supply Co.

This San Francisco apparel is a mix of skate culture and urban streetwear. Diamond Supply Co. has been adding to the San Francisco clothing style since 1998. They even released a special edition sneaker with Nike in 2005, which became the most sought after shoe in Nike history.

They represent real San Francisco style that will help you against the usual Fogust weather. Diamond Supply Co. has been seen on Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco, and hopefully you.


Blvck Scvle

Blvck Scvle can be best described as “street goth.” This real San Francisco apparel company is known for its dark and moody colors, with anti-government and anti-religious themes.

Their brand has exploded in recent years thanks to A$AP Rocky showing off their clothing. Pick up one of these stylish hoodies and stay warm during Fogust. 


Upper Playground

Upper Playground SF is the original real San Francisco lifestyle-fashion shop on Haight Street.

SF locals have been rocking their city-centric graphic designs since 1998. If you want to pass for a local and rock some true San Francisco style, grab some apparel from Upper Playground.

[Featured Image by Todd Diemer on Unsplash]

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