How to get from SFO and Oakland Airport to San Francisco

Posted on May 4, 2018 |

How to get from SFO and Oakland Airport to San Francisco. Learn the most efficient way to get from both airports to the city.

First things first, San Francisco International Airport or SFO is not in San Francisco.

Neither of our international airports, SFO or Oakland International, are located in the city of San Francisco. The good news is getting from SFO and Oakland to San Francisco is super easy.

Taking a ride-share from Oakland to San Francisco, or SFO to SF is an option. You could also take an Oakland Airport shuttle service or SFO shuttle service, but if you want to travel like a local and save some money, you’ll want to catch a ride on Bay Area Rapid Transit, aka BART.

Take a peek at our video below to see just how easy it is to take BART from SFO to SF, or Sf to Oakland.

How to get from Oakland Airport to San Francisco

There is a variety of transportation from Oakland airport to San Francisco options available for you, but as we mentioned above, we recommend you take BART, for it is going to be the cheapest shuttle to Oakland Airport. No matter if you are going to or from San Francisco to Oakland, BART is going to get you there in an affordable, timely fashion. 

How far is Oakland airport from San Francisco? The distance from Oakland to San Francisco is 20 miles. Riding BART it will take you about 40 mins from San Francisco to Oakland airport. 

You can take almost any line from Oakland Airport to San Francisco. The best way to get from Oakland Airport to San Francisco is to hop on the blue or green line. 

Whatever you do, avoid the orange line to the city of Richmond. The Orange Richmond line will take you farther into the East Bay. If you’re trying to get from Oakland to SF, then you’ll want to go West towards the Pacific Ocean, on either the blue or green line to Daly City. 

San Francisco International Airport to San Francisco Union Square

Since SFO is the end of the line, getting to San Francisco from SFO is a cinch. There’s only one line, going in one direction – hop on the yellow line, and you’ll be in SF in no time.

How far is SFO to San Francisco? It is about 13.6 miles to SF from SFO.

Buy your BART transfer from SFO to downtown San Francisco or Oakland ahead of time here

Getting from SFO to Oakland, or Oakland to SFO

For whatever reason you may need to go from Oakland to San Francisco Airport or vice versa, you can take BART from one airport to San Francisco, and then hop on the line heading to the other airport.


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