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Quick, you have until Karl the Fog returns to take advantage of these seven best parks in San Francisco! Hop onto one of our e-bikes and explore.

By Leila N’Amara

San Francisco might be a thriving city, but it is also home to many beautiful public parks. There are also numerous stunning state parks near San Francisco that are worth visiting. The only downside to San Francisco having so many parks is that sometimes that weather can prevent people from enjoying the best parks in San Francisco.

San Francisco is known for being foggy. In fact, we locals have named the fog, Karl the fog and have created him his on Instagram account. Follow @karlthefog on Instagram

One of the cool things to do in San Francisco is to enjoy the public parks in San Francisco before Karl the Fog makes an appearance. On days when Karl the Fog is gone, visiting one or more of the SF parks is a great way to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air.

On your next trip to the Bay Area check out any or all of these best parks in San Francisco.

1. The Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park San Francisco 

Golden Gate Park San Francisco is definitely one of the best parks in the Bay Area. This one of many SF parks is over one thousand arcs. Within this big park in San Francisco, nestled between the California Academy of Sciences, the de Young Museum and the Japanese Tea Gardens sits the Music Concourse. The Spreckels Temple of Music dominates the landscape, and the trees help bounce music back towards the band shell.

This location is a great spot to enjoy one of San Francisco’s best parks and enjoy some music.

2. Alamo Square Playground in Alamo Square

Alamo Square Park is one of the most famous parks in San Francisco. It is located across from the house from the hit TV show, Full House. This park sits perched atop a hill overlooking the most iconic Victorian homes in San Francisco with the downtown skyline dotting the background.

Alamo Square Playground is home to one of the kid-friendly SF playgrounds that are perfect for taking your little ones to on your next family vacation to the Bay Area.

Will you be able to visit without playing the Full House theme song?

3. Stern Grove in the Sunset District

Another one of the best parks near San Francisco is Stem Grove. On the far west side of the city, this one of many best parks in San Franciso is so hidden; you might not even notice driving past it.

There is an annual music festival that is held every year at the park. Sigmund Stern Grove’s Concert Meadow sees up to 20,000 visitors in the summer months while the free Stern Grove Festival takes place. But outside of the free festival, this 33 acre grove of eucalyptus and redwoods is a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco.

4. Mission Dolores Park in the Mission District

Another one of the best parks in San Francisco is Mission Dolores Park. Being one of San Francisco’s famous parks, it is filled with friendly locals and tourists alike.

Since the Mission District is one of the sunniest neighborhoods in San Francisco, people flock to this palm tree filled oasis. Prime people watching as folks sunbathe on the grass, kids play on the newly remodeled best playground in San Francisco and Serena Williams challenges locals on the tennis courts.

5. Patricia’s Green San Francisco 

Here’s one that you’re not likely to find in the guide books! Patricia’s Green has only been around since 2005. The location was originally a part of the Central Freeway, which was removed after the 1989 Loma-Prieta earthquake which caused a 100ft/30m section from the top deck of the Bay Bridge fall into the lower deck. Thanks to local activist like Patricia Walkup, the park’s namesake, the freeway came down and allowed sunshine into the neighborhood — revitalizing a neighborhood once riddled with crime.

6. Washington Square Park in North Beach/Little Italy

If you are a food lover who is looking to visit some San Francisco parks, consider stopping by Washington Square Park in Little Itlay. This stunning park is located near some of the cities top restaurants. The neighborhood is also filled with unique shops, cute boutiques, and San Francisco history.

7. The Panhandle in the Haight-Ashbury

If you look at Golden Gate Park on a map, it kind looks like a frying pan and the skinny little park sticking out of the east end of GGP looks like the handle of the frying pan. That skinny little park is aptly named, The Panhandle.

In 1967 The Panhandle helped launch the Summer of Love with a hippie music festival called The Human Be-In.

If you are looking for dog parks in San Francisco, consider bringing your pup to The Panhandle. This is one of the best dog parks in San Francisco and has specific areas of the park dedicated as dog play areas.

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