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In a city known for being bike-friendly, it should come as no surprise that San Francisco Segway tours and rentals have become some of the most popular methods of exploring the city!

Best San Francisco Segway Tours (And San Francisco Segway Rentals) | Dylan's Tours

Explore the streets of San Francisco with a segway rental or tour

You won’t have any trouble finding a segway rental in San Francisco. When our most popular San Francisco bike tour rides from our bike shop in North Beach through Fisherman’s Wharf, we pass by some of the best San Francisco segway tours and rentals.

Despite all the hills, riding a segway in San Francisco is easy because of their surprisingly powerful motors. All segway tours in the Bay Area will include a helpful tutorial to help you learn to ride comfortably.

We enjoy taking a segway rental around San Francisco because it gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace. But if you’re new to town it will be a huge benefit to join a guided tour of just about any part of San Francisco!

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One thing you definitely won’t need is a hat, since you’ll be rocking a helmet!

Seriously, bring a jacket!

The infamous hills of San Francisco trap fog on the western side of San Francisco, near the Golden Gate Bridge. In San Francisco we call these micro-climates. Because of this, temperatures between San Francisco neighborhoods can change upwards of 10F/12C.

Don’t get caught buying a last minute fleece jacket from Fisherman’s Wharf. Instead, grab a zip-up hoodie silk screened with a vintage Golden Gate Bridge drawing like this!

Don’t forget a pair of gloves.

You will not regret packing a pair of gloves for your San Francisco segway rental. Partly because of the micro-climates. But mostly because of you’ll be whipping around town and your hands will get chilly from all the wild.

We suggest something warm, but most importantly you’ll want gloves with screen capabilities so that you won’t need to take them on and off to take photos!

Pack your shades.

Even though San Francisco can be chilly in certain neighborhoods, it’s almost always still bright out in California. Instead of squinting the whole time through your San Francisco segway rental, bring a pair of sunglasses.

Definitely opt for a polarized pair of shades. Sunglasses with polarized lenses will help reduce the glare from cars and building windows — which help make for a much more comfortable ride!



Wharf & Waterfront Segway Tour

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We’ve previously ranked the Electric Tour Company as one of the 25 best San Francisco tours because we love that they offer Segway tours, electric scooter rentals, and Segway rentals all over town.

Whether you’re trying to just take a San Francisco Segway rental for a self-guided Golden Gate Segway tour or you want to join a guided Segway tour of the San Francisco waterfront and Fisherman’s Wharf, Electric Tour Company has a route for you.


Alcatraz & San Francisco City Tour


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If you only have one day in San Francisco, you’ll want to consider combo tours. These are great one day itineraries since it’ll be one part Golden Gate Bridge Segway tour and part Alcatraz tour.

Be sure to also check out their fun Sunset Segway Tour of San Francisco, for a unique way of catching a California sunset. Or explore San Francisco’s Little Italy and hop on their North Beach Segway Tour to discover the incredible views of SF Bay & Alactraz Island from Coit Tower!


San Francisco Segway Rentals


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Vegas Riders at Lincoln Park Mural Tile Staircase?

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Segway SF Bay is a local operator of Golden Gate Park segway rentals and tours. Since they are located just outside of the park, they are a great option for anyone who wants to ride a segway in Golden Gate Park.

You’l have the option to choose been a guided Golden Gate Park tour or to adventure on your own with a Segway rental.


Mini Segway Tour of San Francisco’s Dogpatch


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If you’re looking for a really unique tour of San Francisco, this just might be it. PopWheel is a new San Francisco techie venture that produces, what can be best described as, mini Segways.

These personal urban mobility devices can be rented out in the same fashion as any Segway rental in San Francisco. But we think it’ll be more fun to join a guided mini Segway tour of San Francisco’s most up-and-coming neighborhood, the Dogpatch. A neighborhood that is quickly becoming home to some of the best breweries in San Francisco!

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Guided electric bike tours are another great way to explore San Francisco while enjoying the fresh air!

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