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Looking for cool things in San Francisco? Take a Tuk Tuk tour around the City. Explore the city’s most famous attractions in one fun open-air afternoon.

Here at Dylan’s Tours, we work hard to create fun and exciting ways for our guests to have authentic San Francisco experiences. That is why we created our private electric tuk-tuk tours.

An electric tuk tuk tour is one of the many cool things in San Francisco and a great way to explore the city. E-tuk tours have plenty of advantages over the other more traditional tours that are offered throughout the city.

If you are coming to see San Francisco, enjoy the best way to see San Francisco on one of our tuk tuk tours.

Here is why our tuk tuk tours are the best tuk tuk tours and regular tours in San Francisco.

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Small Tours: Best Way To See San Francisco 

Our E-tuk tours are the best way to see San Francisco because they are only made to fit six people which makes each tour more personal. We prefer smaller tours as they allow us to get to know all of our guests and answer their questions.

Our six person tuk tuks are the best way for our passengers to talk to our guides and learn as much as possible about San Francisco. 

San Francisco one day tour

Our tuk tuks are ideal for navigating San Francisco’s narrow streets.

Tuk Tuks Reach Places Tour Buses Can’t

Another reason why our tuk tuk tour makes the list of cool things in San Francisco is because they can travel to places that buses can’t. The size of our tuk tuks also comes in handy when navigating through San Francisco’s streets. Our electric tuk tuks’ smaller size allows them to explore areas larger tour buses cannot. 

We can take passengers on the roads and alleyways less traveled, showing them some of the greatest neighborhoods in our city like Chinatown, and taking them to famous attractions like Lombard Street. Our E-tuks allow tourists to experience the best of San Francisco in a day. 

san francisco guide

Best Tuk Tuk Tours for Couples, Families, and Small Groups

If you’re traveling with your partner, family or a small group of friends, then our electric tuk tuks are the perfect option for you. Because of their small size, you can enjoy a private experience with only your group and a local tour guide.

If you’re traveling as a couple why not book a tuk tuk tour for the two of you and turn this San Francisco one day tour into a private party for two. A day exploring the city with your other half is one of the most romantic things to do in San Francisco. You and your partner can enjoy the privacy of this tour as you fall in love with the city. 

best tuk-tuk tours - explore the San Francisco street and look out over the Alcatraz

We can pick you up from anywhere and take you on the greatest San Francisco one day tour.

Our Tuk Tuks Can Pick You Up from Anywhere

Wherever you are in San Francisco, our electric tuk tuks can reach you. Some larger vehicles are restricted to main roads, and there are usually too many other passengers to allow for custom pickups. But with our tuk tuks, we can pick you up from your hotel or any other part of the city and set off to explore the best of San Francisco in a day.

Dylan's Tours' tuk-tuks

Customize your tuk-tuk tour so you can see the SF attractions you want to see the most.

You Can Customize Your San Francisco Itinerary 

The top reason why our tours are one of the cool things in San Francisco is that you can customize them. We’ve always tried to be flexible with our San Francisco tours, and creating our personal E-tuk tours has allowed us to be very flexible. As the guest of our tour, you have the freedom to create your own San Francisco itinerary. Instead of us showing you the top attractions and sites, you can choose exactly what to see in San Francisco. 

Being one of the top tour companies in San Francisco we know all the best places to see, photo locations, and off the beat spots. Whatever it is that you are interested in seeing, let us know when you are booking, and we can help you to create your dream 1 day in San Francisco.

We can end your tuk tuk San Francisco tour wherever you would like. A lot of our guest enjoy ending their tour with a meal, so if you are looking for a delicious restaurant, let us know, and we can help you find a favorite local eatery.

Our electric tuk tuk tours are a fantastic way to explore San Francisco. If you’re looking for a more classic Dylan’s Tour experience, don’t forget to check out our Dylan’s Famous Minibus Tour.

However you decide to explore San Francisco, we want you to have an incredible time, so please get in touch if you have any questions. With a little help from us, you can plan the ultimate San Francisco experience. 

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