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San Francisco is the new home of the Golden State Warriors, and we couldn’t be more excited. Here are 4 reasons why we’re hyped about the Golden State Warriors new arena.

By Leila N’Amara

After nearly 50 years of the Golden State Warriors stadium being in Oakland, it was announced in 2012 that the Warriors are returning home and building the Golden State Warriors new arena in San Francisco. We can already hear the crowds chanting “we are the warriors” now.

Where is the new Warriors stadium going to be? The Warrior’s new arena, officially dubbed, the Chase Center, was initially planned to sit between the Ferry Building and AT&T Park. However, the residents of San Francisco pushed back against that location citing traffic concerns.

The new Golden State Warriors arena address will be in the Mission Bay District, still neighboring AT&T Park on the waterfront.

Ground broke on San Francisco NBA team’s Chase Center during their championship-winning season in 2017. The Golden State arena is due to open in time for the 19-20 season.

If you’re not excited about the Warriors moving to San Francisco, here are 4 reasons why we’re hyped about the Warriors new arena!


1) The Warriors new arena is privately financed

Warriors new arena in San Francisco is being privately financed

Warriors new arena is the first to be privately financed.

In this modern era of sports, we have never seen a stadium or arena that was completely financed privately and built on privately owned land.

Not only is the Golden State new arena being built with no new taxesbut the Warriors SF stadium is estimated to bring in more than $14 million in new tax revenue for the city.

2) Entertainment by the Acre: 11 Acres for Concerts, Conventions, and Ceremonies

Golden State Warriors new arena to host events

Golden State Warriors new arena will not only be the home for the NBA team, but also be home to concerts and events for San Francisco to enjoy.

For anyone out there who is not interested in sports, the San Francisco Warriors arena is expected to host over 200 events outside of the regularly scheduled NBA games.

The city of San Francisco has never had a big enough venue to host major events, but thanks to Warriors new arena opening that’s changing. With over 18,000 seats available we absolutely cannot wait to see what events will be held at the Golden State Warriors New Arena Location

3) Warriors parking: On-Site Car & Bike Parking

Warriors new stadium, bike and car parking in San Francisco,

The new Warriors stadium brings more parking for San Francisco.

The Warriors moving home means Warriors parking for the city of San Francisco!

The new Warriors arena will have nearly 1,000 car parking stalls and 300 valet bike parking spaces. There will also be additional 6,000 parking spaces within a half mile from Golden State Warriors arena.

300 bike spots doesn’t seem like a lot compared to more than 18,000 seats, but this will make the new Golden State Warriors stadium the most bike-friendly sports venue in the nation.

4) Food: taste of the Bay

This new Golden State Warriors Arena will also be a food lovers dream.  

We know the San Francisco Bay Area has a great food reputation. We created sourdough bread during the Gold Rush, we helped kick start the craft cocktail trend in the 90s, and even the fortune cookie was created here in San Francisco.

We were thrilled to learn that The Warriors Stadium in SF has partnered with Bon Appétit to curate an “only in the Bay Area” approach to the food being served in the GSW new arena. This partnership with Bon Appétit and the new Golden State Warriors Arena will be supporting locally owned businesses within the Bay Area. 

Create your own Bay Area food tour at the Warriors new stadium and try San Francisco’s Tacolicious, Oakland’s Bakesale Betty and Sam’s Chowder House from Half Moon Bay.

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