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By Leila N’Amara

Choose your own adventure on San Francisco’s ONLY tour that let’s you bike the Golden Gate and catch a private shuttle to Muir Woods!

Ditch the tour guide and hop on one of our seven speed bikes (or an electric bike if you want to cruise up the mighty hills of SF) for a self-guided tour along the waterfront of San Francisco as you make your way to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Nestled beneath the Golden Gate Bridge is Fort Point, a pre-Civil War Era fortress. You can catch this amazing vista at any time. Inside of Fort Point is only open Thursday – Saturday from 10am – 4pm — but worth a peek inside since you can hike up to the top of the fort for some INCREDIBLE views of San Francisco Bay!

Once you’ve snapped your perfect picture of the Golden Gate it’s time to bike the 1.7 miles across the Golden Gate Strait. Don’t forgot to look up as you bike the bridge — that’s where some of our favorite views are!

About a mile downhill from the Golden Gate Bridge is the Mediterranean-eqsue waterfront town of Sausalito. We love grabbing one of the giant sandwiches from Venice Gourmet Deli (their salami comes from the oldest Italian deli in San Francisco, Molinari’s) and having a picnic on the grass looking out onto the skyline of San Francisco ?

After a relaxing lunch in Sausalito other bike rental companies leave you to fend for your own ride once in Sausalito — not at Dylan’s Tours! Our driver will meet you in one of our private minibus shuttles to take you up Mount Tamalpais where you’ll explore the towering Redwoods of Muir Woods for over an hour.

After adventuring around the Forest of Endor — I mean, Muir Woods — you’ll hop back on our minibus for the scenic drive back to San Francisco.

Ready to choose your own adventure? Bike the Bridge & Shuttle to Muir Woods with a seven speed bike for $65 or a speedy little e-bike for $79. Book online at and be sure to sure promo code “golocal” for 10% your urban exploration!